Do You Know The Secret Meaning of Flowers?

Posted by jacob utim on February 10th, 2017

Chocolates, jewelry, diamonds, and other gift stuff are failed to express the feeling of love, while a flower can easily communicate. Yes, it is true that every flower holds a secret message. Each flower has a unique meaning that mostly people don’t know. Do you know? If not, then read this article till the end. It will tell you the right occasion to send the right flower.

  1. Red Roses-

Red roses are ideal for the romance and love. A confession of love is incomplete without a bunch of red roses. The magic of red roses will definitely help you to get your love. It is enough to express your hidden feelings without any words. So, don’t forget to send flowers to your darling love, if you want her/him for the entire life. You can choose online flower delivery  option from any store for a surprising gift.

  1. Orchid-

Orchids are the best to send to a new-mommy. As you know, the lights of post-natal wards are dim and the natural lights are often absent. So, the orchids are the suitable according to the atmosphere of the room. They have no strong smell, which makes them ideal for hospitals because strong fragrance can irritate the mommy and new born baby too.

  1. Lilies-

Funeral is the occasion where flowers play an important role to send a silent message. At this unlucky event, flowers are the only way to show your respect towards the dead person. Lilies are the symbol of virtue, so they are ideal for this event. So, you can choose lily without any perplexity.

  1. Tulips-

At the event, when your near ones get the success in their life… Yes, it is such a big event and you have to send them something special to congratulate. It is better that you choose flowers as compared to other things. But, don’t know which kind of flower is the best for this situation? Then, choose tulips. A bunch of fresh tulips is perfect to give your wishes to them. Not only to cheer someone, but you can also choose tulips to say a big thanks to a person.

  1. Magnolias-

Magnolias are known for their peaceful beauty and lovely scent. So, they play a helpful role to make someone’s mood cool down from the anger. Sometimes “I Am Sorry” sentence is not enough to show regret for your bad behavior. If you want to say a lovely sorry to your love, then choose a bouquet of fresh magnolias and show your true feelings. Apart from this, you can also choose this to say “good bye” to someone.

Now, you know the secret language of flowers. So, why you buy other stuff when you have a better option to please someone? There are a number of stores present in Philippians, which offer fresh flower delivery at the same day. This is less expensive and beautiful approach to express your love and care. 

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