Military Schools In Mississippi

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Mississippi has three military academies, and two of them are specially designed for troubled youth to learn skill and to become a better individual in the society. The academy provides structured training and education to the troubled youths. The program includes 22 week residential phase and one year monitoring phase. Each student is tracked by a mentor to find progress in their ducation. The challenge academy will advise and assist  students, and will offer further education if needed to get employment. Bethel Boys Academy trains troubled boys to become disciplined and to be educated. The school offers a variety of military base training specially for troubled teens. They handle drug addicted students with emotional and mental structured programs.

The Chamberlin Hunt Academy is a private military boarding school for boys in Port Gibson, Mississippi that offers admission to students from grade 7 to 12. Day classes are open for both boys and girls and they follow strict military structured training and strong academic programs. They have spiritual development based programs for Christian belief students. The Academy organizes introductory summer programs for new students who are seeking admission for the next session. This Christian academy is one of the oldest military schools in the US. Admissions are given to boys aged 13 to 18 and the students must follow rigorous military discipline. The school was founded in 1879 and in 1970’s small number of girls were given admission.The boarding program is only for boys. The school motto is knowledge and wisdom in submission to God.

Bethel Boys Academy, Mississippi is a great place for risk teenagers. Young boys must follow military discipline and the Bethel boy’s academy have a fair approach towards discipline. Academic educational programs are based on Christian values. The school creates a healthier learning environment and students at this academy finds self confidence and respect. They have various programs for young men facing learning disabilities. Violent teenage boys find self control once they are enrolled at Bethel Boys.

The University of Southern Mississippi offers AROTC programs for students. Students who want to become US Army officer must consider the ROTC program. The university provides scholarship to students attending this program for two and four years. Military science classes are also included along with other subjects. Cadets must maintain physical fitness to join the ROTC program. Other field training exercises are  provided to students to sharpen their military skills. 

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