What are the issues resolved by SMS aggregators in India and UAE?

Posted by Renuka Tewani on February 10th, 2017

If you think sms aggregation is an easy task then you are absolutely wrong. Different valuable steps need to be performed for making the campaigns of sms aggregation successful. When this aggregation takes place on a global-scale then the process becomes much more complicated and lengthy. Improved sms aggregation is possible only with the sincere efforts of efficient sms aggregators.

Sms aggregators face a lot of challenging situations for conducting sms aggregation on a large-scale. Both network-providers and carriers play the most valuable role and the aggregators need to connect them for maintaining consistent global networking. Sms aggregators in India and UAE is currently gaining a greater popularity in the industry of sms aggregation and thus they are getting the maximum number of customers from the targeted community.

Valuable services catered by sms aggregators

  • Sms aggregators cater direct connectivity with the most popular cell-phone carriers so that better networking can be maintained on a global basis. This networking helps in capturing the larger part of the market.
  • They use specialized gateways for receiving and sending messages of different kinds. These gateways make the message delivery smooth and this is why sms aggregators in India and UAE are concentrated in using the best sms gateways. Premium gateway is being used for text messaging so that marketers can gain huge money from the market.
  • In case of non-premium trafficking, per-messaging fee is to be charged by the aggregators for maintaining their profit level. Sometimes, content-revenue share can also be received by them in case you have opted for premium sms.
  • They have got two fronts of development out of which software usage is one of the most prominent ones. Automated texting software can be used for improving the process of global messaging. In this regard, carriers boost up the process and bring increased responses. Clean aggregating services can be received of powerful carriers are bring used with consistent bandwidth speed.

Biggest issues faced by sms aggregators

There are some commonest issues that are getting faced by sms aggregators these days and you should know them. Until and unless these issues are not resolved messaging process cannot be efficient and uninterruptedly conducted. Some of the most highlighting issues in this regard are as follows:-

  • Support: time is one of the biggest issues and it should be essentially maintained by the aggregators on a strict note otherwise the clients will go out from the race of competition. Shortest codes need to be developed so that the texting speed can be accelerated. But the services and codes should be approved and then only they can be implemented well. Customer-service is also very much vital and it caters the greatest support to targeted customers. In most of the cases, a SLA is being signed with the aggregators so that response times can be guaranteed and escalation process can be supported.
  • Billing: Excellent or premium sms services are often quite costly but customers want the best thing at a nominal cost. Thus, the aggregators often find it quite difficult to offer premium services at affordable rates and thus most aggregators are now seriously working on the same. In fact, cost has really become a great concern and thus the aggregators are trying to invent more advanced technologies for reducing the package costs to some extent. If the costs are affordable then the customer count will automatically get increased. Resource-intensive processes have been introduced currently where resources are being utilized optimally without inviting any wastage. API files can be created for sending data into CSV format. Specialized web-service or HTTP posts should be used for making the overall expenses reduced. In this way, customers can be offered premium services at comfortable rates.
  • Reporting: Reports should be collected on a sincere note in order to check out the delivery status and market responses. There are many aggregators who fail to keep a watch on the same and their customers suffer a lot due to the same. Emails should be properly framed with the use of advanced FTP files otherwise they will bounced back and the receivers will not be able to receive the same on time. This can hamper the hole messaging procedure.

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