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Posted by ritamartin on February 10th, 2017

Ever heard about charity rally or banger rally? Have you ever participated in any? The banger rally first appeared when Julian Now will took a group of vehicles to Dakar over the Christmas and New Year of 2002. The event was called the 'Plymouth Dakar' as a play on the name of the famous Paris Dakar rally. The rally is now known as the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge. A variation of the Dakar appeared in 2003 in the form of Banger Rally for Wage Slaves. This event developed into the much copied European Banger Rally style which continues to this day in the film themed events run by the longest running banger rally organiser "The Crumball Rally Co." who have been running events since 2006. Banger rally is a very fun way of raising charity money and also is adventurous to its core.

A banger rally is a rally in a scrap or low value car on public roads. The event is a non-racing variant of banger racing. A banger rally may also be a charity rally where the teams taking part in the event also raise money for charity. Banger rallies chiefly appear to be a United Kingdom-based phenomenon and most involve driving through Europe to various destinations where the cars are environmentally scrapped, sold or auctioned for charity. Some events have a limit on how much a participant can spend on buying a car or the size of the engine. Participants in the events often decorate their vehicles with the stickers of sponsors or customising to a theme from popular culture. They are given full liberty to decorate their cars as they want and participate in the event.

Enough about the history and about the adventurous banger rally. Now if you are looking for a road trip company this article has it all. A road trip company famous all around Birmingham. This company give the best European road trip with the option to experience some of the most awesome drives. They have created an adventurous banger rally challenge route for their participants. This company focuses on old car banger rally and people of all ages can take part in it. When coming to charity this company arranges such charity banger rally that it has earned pounds of money in several rallies for charity. This company believes life is nothing without adventure and so aims at providing you the best adventure of your life. They are fully motivated and pay high attention on the routes for the rallies and make them safe for you so that no misshaping occurs.

This road trip company is being booked by many people throughout the world by people who seek adventure in their life and at the same time want to do it for a good cause. People who are passionate about old cars, rallies and charity are booking various events of this company and are thoroughly satisfied with its services. For more information visit the company’s website.

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