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Her dad was an American serviceman, her mom a young Korean lady befuddled by the attacks of the war. Deserted at age four, anonymous, destitute, and completely alone, this tyke wandered the grim, war-assaulted farmland of South Korea for a long time and was at last left for dead. In any case, the Creator had different plans and uncovered them through the words, “She Is Mine.”

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare makes a universe of brutality and generational clash in which two youngsters experience passionate feelings for and kick the bucket as a result of that affection. The story is somewhat remarkable in that the common issues confronted by young lovers are here so enormous. It is not just that the groups of Romeo and Juliet dislike the mate’s warmth for each other; rather, the Montagues and the Capulets are on opposite sides in a blood quarrel and are attempting to slaughter each other in the city of Verona. Each time an individual from one of the two families bites the dust in the battle, his relatives request the blood of his executioner. Due to the fight, if Romeo found with Juliet by her family, he will be executed. When Romeo exiled, the main way that Juliet can abstain from being hitched to another person is to take a mixture that apparently kills her, so she buried with the assemblages of her murdered relatives. In this ancient, demise filled world, the development of the story from all-consuming, instant adoration to the union of the lovers in death appears to be practically inescapable.


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