Should I Use The Fixed Wireless Broadband?

Posted by BarryKinson on February 11th, 2017

Today a reliable and fast internet services are what everybody wants, and for that, you need to do a little bit of research before getting the reliable connection. With the need of internet in this age, if you are a casual web user then you should know what type of fixed wireless broadband services to consider. Along with this thing, best connectivity, great downloading speed & good browsing experience should be your prime importance.

Considering wireless broadband

It is not a household term, yet it is importance to learn something about wireless broadband before considering this. The fixed wireless broadband offers accessibility to the broadband internet to perfectly define the location with the help of radio waves. In that way, it can allow you to do your work without cable lines or phone lines. Both the fixed wireless broadband & satellite based wireless system need an antenna/dish. Both of these connections can offer you high-speed connectivity without using phone lines or cable lines. Let’s check out some wireless internet facts.

Fixed wireless internet

Areas where you don’t have fibre optic cables, DSL or any cable television lines, in all these areas you can still enjoy the basic facilities of broadband services with fixed wireless broadband network. However, the speed you will get this with fixed wireless broadband could be low than other types of broadband connections.  Your speed can range from 1mbps to 10mbps of the network bandwidth. Fixed wireless broadband leverages transmission towers also called as the ground stations which can communicate with each other and these are usually maintained by the internet service provider companies.

Limitations of fixed wireless broadband connection

There are few restrictions that are associated with the fixed wireless broadband connection as compared to other types of internet let’s check out those restrictions.

  • A line of sight may require accessibility to the ground station & subscriber. There could be interruptions in the service quality you may receive if there is any tree, hill or fog occurs in front of the line of sight.
  • The higher cost of per Mbps plan for the bandwidth can make your choice of fixed wireless broadband costlier than other services.
  • Fixed wireless broadband involves single physical access point & even it does not support roaming facilities.

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