Two Stages of Falador Massacre 10th anniversary event

Posted by CheriseSu on February 14th, 2017

As big fans of RuneScape, have you already noticed that the legendary Falador Massacre has returned to memory original Falador Massacre happened 10 years ago? What do you think of this new update? Do you want to fight with a giant version of Durial321 and enjoy the chaos? You answer must be yes. If you are in need of cheap RS 3 gold to benefit most from this massacre, just place your order on 4rsgold. You are able to receive your legal RS 3 gold within 10 minutes as well as experience the smooth transaction on our site.

Start information on Falador Massacre 10th anniversary event:
Start time: you can participate in this event from now on until 13th June at 23:59 UTC.
Start place: step into the newly reopened World 111, and then you can engage in an event the like of which hasn’t been seen for 10 years!

Two Stages of Falador Massacre 10th anniversary event:
Stage 1:
Reach the massacre area and achieve the ability to attack other players if you are possessed randomly by the ghost of Durial321. Then you can receive double XP from these “kills”. Bear in mind that victims cannot fight back but will not actually die or lose any items if killed by you.
Stage 2:
After enough players are possessed, a giant Durial321 boss will appear, with a combat level of 321 and one million life points. Join your fellow players in trying to take down this boss or help Durial destroy your fellow players! You can also gain double XP from these “kills”. If you want to buy cheap RuenScape 3 gold for help, our site can be your best choice.
Meanwhile, Deaths in this phase of the event are also safe, whether caused by other players or Durial321.

Some comments on this event concluded by 4rsgold:
If you had played the original Falador Massacre, you must still remember the infamous glitch and subsequent violation of the Bug Abuse rule that occurred on 7 June 2006. At that time, many players gained the ability to attack other players anywhere in RuneScape, and some players were automatically banned if they took advantages of the bug.

Some players hold the view that Jagex is glorifying bug abuse and cheating and glitch exploitation will not be tolerated in Runescape. They dislike Falador Massacre 10th anniversary event at all.
“Whether we like it or not, the Falador Massacre happened 10 years ago today, a lot of players know about the event and as a team we had numerous brainstorms and meetings about how we were going to address the event without having a negative response about bug abuse - it's important to remember that the accounts involved in the bug abuse 10 years ago have not been unbanned.”, a Mod states. Therefore, the event is there to commemorate a memorable time in RuneScape's history. As a result, you may also want to take part in.

No matter what do you think of Falador Massacre 10th anniversary event, it will be excited and inspired to experience the excitement of players surrounding Falador. Go to World 111 and start your killing with RuneScape 3 gold for sale on 4rsgold. We ensure that osrs gold on our site is hand-made by our expert gamers. Good luck to you!

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