Superior Comfort levels and unique styles- Adidas Superstars are taking the mark

Posted by articlelink01 on February 14th, 2017

Adidas has been a popular and sought after sports brand and their sneakers have become the face of modern day style statement. At the time of its release, Adidas Superstars were meant to be used as a low top basketball shoes, but it quickly spread over the professional and college stage. But with the explosion of hip hop culture in the late ‘80s, these sneakers took a new direction as people started wearing them outside of the basketball arena. With the onset of years, Adidas went out of their way to sign contracts with popular hip hop groups at the time. The well recognized three stripes band on the sneakers would also be featured popular video games in the coming years raising their recognition levels. In the later 2014’s Adidas would also proceed to sign multiple well known singers and music producers, cementing the fact that their Adidas Superstars will stay relevant in popular culture for years to come.

The classic white sneakers are plain and simple yet it blends in with any kind of dress which makes it a sough after footwear. Not only men but women as well are seen copying and imitating the styles of the popular celebrities who are rocking these three stripes on every occasion. The secret behind the ongoing success of these original three stripes sneakers is due to the fact that they haven’t changed anything on them since it was first released, the French leather, herring bone soles and the iconic black three stripes over a white canvas. We are in a stage where vintage fashion from the ‘80s are making a comeback so it is only appropriate that these Adidas original sneakers become relevant once again.

Another sneaker that has been gaining popularity through the years is the Adidas forest hill trainers. Unlike its counterpart superstar sneakers, they were originally made as a tennis shoe which was worn by professional tennis players in the year 1977. These offered a substantial grip and style on the courts. After the popularity of other Adidas sneakers rose, the fashion community saw these Adidas Original Forest hills for sale to public for outdoor wear. The forest hills trainers had a distinct identity, being its brightly colored yellow sole and its leather toe cap which had a close resemblance to the three stripes original sneakers.

Other colored versions of the Adidas Original Forest Hills were released during the 2002 reissue, including white soled and navy/royal blue soled versions. The shoe’s status increased based on many myths surrounding it on who wore it first, the location on which it was worn and which issues had the original yellow sole. When the first reissue was made only 400 of the yellow soled shoes entered UK and all of which were brought by Wade Smith from Liverpool thus discarding the many claims of people owning them.

The regular trainers had a white sole and people saw the Adidas Original Forest Hills for sale as the British Soccer fans adopted wearing them in the late 1980s.

It is true that the retro fashion outfits and wearable may see their comeback in the present day as evident from the increasing popularity of the Adidas original sneakers. Simple, elegant and comfortable, everyone wants to wear them!

Adidas superstars may very well be the oldest running candidate in the sneaker business but that does not mean that they are outdated. The increase in the numbers of Adidas originals forest hills for sale proves the point that they are still relevant in the modern fashion community and being adored and worn by millions.

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