Influence of Motivational Speakers on High School Students

Posted by joelpenton on February 14th, 2017

High school is one of the formative stages of a student’s life. They have to make plenty of important decisions most of which have a significant impact on their careers. However, this is also an impressionable age in life. Many youngsters may find it difficult to make the right choices given the pressure of deciding their future and the temptations around them. It is the main reason why guidance is helpful at this stage. 

Teenagers are less likely to listen to their parents, teachers, or other elders. However, the right motivational speaker can reach out to them more effectively. Motivational speakers who specialize in guiding teenagers and youngsters help them streamline thoughts and set the right priorities. 

A few ways in which motivational speakers can influence high school students are discussed here. 

Define a Career Path: A motivational speaker can guide high school students to define their career path clearly. Many students are not aware of the opportunities available to them or are not confident about their abilities to pursue the career of their dreams. With anecdotes and personal experiences, motivational speakers can share their own stories of overcoming obstacles and challenges in life. This makes the students feel that they too can conquer their fears and accomplish their goals. 

Avert Substance Abuse: Substance abuse has become a huge problem for many high school students who have fallen prey to this bad habit due to peer pressure, stress, etc. Motivational speakers are capable of painting a realistic picture of the bad effects of substance abuse that will have a better impact on the minds of the student than the straightforward order of “don’t do drugs”. Many students who have gotten into the habit might be able to resolve to quit drugs after listening to a youth motivational speaker. 

Take Responsibility: Many students live a sheltered life and feel entitled to the good things in life. Whenever a problem arises, they ignore it and expect someone else to take care of it. This makes them avoid taking any responsibility for their lives. For everything that has occurred in the past, they like to foster the victim mentality which makes them unable to move forward in life. Motivational speakers can make high school students feel that they can change their life by taking charge instead of letting things happen to them. 

Stand up for Themselves: Bullying, on the internet or otherwise, has always been present in the society. But it is becoming bigger and more dangerous than ever before. A motivational speaker can inspire students to stand up against people bullying them, inside or outside of the school. It can do wonders for the self-esteem of the students who are being bullied since most of them face bullying because of their looks, ethnicity, etc. making them lose confidence or go into depression. 

A single session with a motivational speaker can bring great benefits to students. Many of them are facing a different challenge whether it is bullying, sexual harassment, depression, substance abuse, etc. Some of them are opening up to their friends and family to discuss their issues while others are suffering alone, going into depression and losing hope. A motivational speaker can help all of them see a brighter future and make them feel empowered to take charge in life. 

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