Some High-Speed Internet Plans To Consider In Australia

Posted by BarryKinson on February 15th, 2017

The high-speed plans for the internet based services in Australia are slowly catching up with the rest of the world. Today the speediest internet speed has been discovered up to 25.3 Mbps in South Korea; however, Australia is having only one half of this speedy internet service so far with optimum speed reaching up to 12.4Mbps. On the other hand, USA has the 11.5mbps of speed on its data plans as of now. Let’s check out some speedy data plans given by the telecom internet based companies which are providing the high-speed internet services in Australia.

Top high-speed internet broadband plans to consider

MY net FONE broadband plan with the all in one Wi-Fi modem at just .99

MY net FONE is providing several such options of high-speed internet to consider, their packages start from the basic plan of 2mbps and go up to 10mbps with their fastest offering at a price of 5.55 per month.

Mate NBN High-speed data plan for home users

The Mate NBN is providing their customers with the high-speed internetplan which starts from the basic plan of 1mbps and goes up to 12mbps with their fastest service at a price range of per month. However, after the limit of consuming 150GB of data, the speed of the ultra high-speed plan of 12mbps comes down to 1mbps.

“BELONG” broadband high-speed internet plan

This company provides cheaper and better plans than “Mate NBN”, but the speed is not same as Mate NBN or ACT. Their plan starts from 1mbps and goes up to 4mbps of high-speed internetplan at a price of per month. The FUP limit for the “BELONG” based internet plans is 100GB, and above this limit, the speed reaches to 256Kbps.

TPG broadband plans

When it comes to providing the right plan with right speed or the homes users, TPG can be the best option to consider as it can have high speed internet plans for you ranging from 256Kbps to 12mbps at a price range of --content--.0006 per 1MB of data and 9.9 respectively for 18 months plan.

I-primus broadband plans

This company is more focused on providing smaller options & faster internet based services to their customers. With their fastest internet speed of 12mbps at just Rs .5 per month, this plan is best to consider, and there will be no extra charges for extra usage.

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