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Posted by Lee huiseong on February 15th, 2017

Military Handset (H-250)

The H-250/U is a lightweight noise canceling handset designed to meet U.S.A. Military specification MIL-PRF-49078.

It is interchangeable with the H-189/GR.


This Dynamic Handset is the military standard for use with the “PRC” series of radios & military man-pack radio equipment such as the AN/PRC-70 and the AN/PRC-77.


  • Color: black
  • Receiver: 1000 ohms per mil-prf-49078
  • Microphone: 150 ohms per mil-prf-49078
  • Switch: push to talk with make/break sequence

Connector types

  • Lightweight cable with
  • Lightweight u-182b/u connector
  • Standard cable with u-229/u connector
  • Standard cable with u-229a/u connector
  • Standard cable with m55116/1-3 connector

Handset Holder (H-250-HD)

The H250-HD Handset Holder, which is compatible with the most utilized Handset type in the Military, affixes to most objects/locations(Vehicles, Base Stations) or In-Field/Environmental surroundings(Trees, Temporary Stations)


Secures and protects the handset from external interferences, Vehicle Mobility, and more

  • Assures a protected fixed location for essential Handsets, which prolongs the shelf life of the unit
  • Adds Strategic value and reduces confusion during combat

Utilized on: For use with all H-250/U Style Handsets, Including:

  • H-156/U
  • H-207A/VRC
  • H-250/U Modified no metal (SM-D-627649-NM ()
  • H-250B/G
  • H-350/U
  • H-356/G
  • SM-D-627649-VCM (REV 2)

Monaural Call Center Headset (HIC-100MC)


1) Super-Pro sound quality, ideal for the most demanding environments telemarketing, Call center, etc.

2) Intelligent flexible boom, ultra noise cancelling microphone to reduce background noise.

3) Stylish design, lightweight, durable and comfortable for all day use.

4) Acoustic Shock Protection Circuit.

5) Monaural design, hearing on one side and microphone can be either ear.

6) Adjustable headband.

7) Replaceable soft form or soft leatherette ear pad.

8) Quick disconnect cord (optional) for the convenience of walking away without removing the headset.

9) Plantronics or GN Netcom Compatible Quick Disconnect (Optional)

10) Professional Volume Control and Mute function (Optional)

Hanics has been specially manufacturing all kinds of Two-way Radio Accessories and Bone conduction items for Communication equipment’s and Audio products for the past 30 Years. The company is a well-known tactical communication equipment manufacturer in Korea. The valuable experience have gained over time has made Hanho one of Korea's leading firms in this field. Hanics offer latest technology bone conduction headset, military headset, Noise Shielded mic, Throat Microphone and so on.

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