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The Essence Of The Theory Of Quantum Prayer

Posted by lukachan on February 15th, 2017

God is the supreme power, who we all love and worship from the core of our hearts. Be it a moment of sadness or delight, God is always there by our side. There is a special connection between the Almighty and humankind that has always been there and will continue to be. In times of happiness, we thank the supreme power for all that he has given to us. But, when it comes to pain and sadness, we start praying to make everything better again. Just like a child needs his or her mother when sad or in pain, we need God the most when we are going through a tough time.

Right from the childhood, every kid is taught about worshiping God or how he or she should pray to God every day. With the passage of time, every person forms a unique connection with God and starts seeking His blessings and support. Also, praying to God becomes much more than a daily routine. You too must have prayed to God a million times by now, but how do you know your prayers have reached Him? What does God do when you pray? How do you know that your prayer can create the desired effect? Ever thought about the same?

Questions like these and much more can be answered with the theory of quantum prayer. All matter is comprised of energy, and human beings are matter. Moreover, we have a brain that generates its own energy, its own electromagnetic field. If all electromagnetic fields are interconnected through zero point field, so must be the energy of our minds, and our thoughts. This would explain such things as telepathy, where the thoughts of one person can be projected and picked up by another miles away. It is because our thoughts create a disturbance in this universal field of entanglement, shifting things around until an end result comes up that matches with the desired thought pattern.

Since all energy is connected into zero point field, and all matter is comprised of energy, it follows that every organism everywhere is in perpetual quantum communication via this field. Psychology behind defense mechanism also works in a similar fashion, as one starts using repression to bury the painful and agonizing thoughts deep in the subconscious to reduce anxiety. So, observe your thoughts as our reality is a reflection of their frame. Change your thoughts; change your life!

About The Author: Author is an online blogger. This article is about the theory of quantum prayer.
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