The Ultimate 8 Ways To Generate Multiple Streams Of Affiliate Income.

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

As an affiliate, it is risky to focus on promoting a single product. You need to promote multiple products or services and generate multiple streams of affiliate income instead. Here are a few ways on how you can do it:

1. Sell Offline Products
You don?t necessarily need to endorse the online products to people. There are products or services offline that can be really lucrative for your affiliate business. For example, the Sattelite TV subscription, promoting the membership to a certain fitness club and much more.

2. Sell Classified Ads
Have you ever read the classified ads on a newspaper? It?s almost the same but you get to sell them in your newsletter. Usually, classified ads are rather short, maybe 3-5 sentences of words and are promoted together with the other ads in the newsletter.

3. Sell Solo Ads
Another way to generate a profit from your newsletter is by selling solo ads. Solo ads in short, are much longer ads than classified ads and they are sent individually in an email. This way, the ad will get more attention from its readers and will be much more effective and responsive.

4. Sell Ad-Spaces On Website
If you have a website which pulls in decent number of visitors, you can start selling ad-spaces on your website. People do this by either putting the advertiser?s banner, ad or any other visible graphics and texts somewhere on the website to promote what the advertiser wants.

5. JV Brokering
This includes joint venturing with another list owner on selling an affiliate program with 2-tier commissions. You request the list owners to sign up under you as a 2nd tier affiliate and give them a good offer why they should sell the affiliated product.

Usually, you will need to prepare the tools, offer a bonus product to the joint ventured list owner so they can promote the affiliated with the bonus to their subscribers.

6. Create Multiple Websites
If you?re focusing on selling online, jump on another product after you have successfully endorsed the previous one. Don?t get stuck in only one product as it can lose its popularity or favor. Keep moving on and on, replicate the process of endorsing a product and make sure they are all personally tested, useful and good products.

7. Pay-Per-Lead
You can earn a commission by directing your subscribers to a website which pays you for it. This can be a survey held by big companies like Coca-Cola, PEPSI and so on. This is a really great way of earning commissions as directing a lead to a website is very easy.

8. Pay-Per-Click
Have you heard about Google Adsense, Chitika or Yahoo Publishers Network? When you sign up for these services and put a script on your website, there will be ads shown on it. You will earn a small commission every time a visitor clicks on it, a fairly lucrative way of earning affiliate commissions.

By creating more occasions to earn money, you can make sure that your income will continue to develop daily instead of having a fall. The rest, take action today.

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