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Posted by ownher12 on February 18th, 2017

You might be aware of a bug in swtor credits for sale Fractured Uprising, which allows players to bypass some of the mechanics of the encounter. Bioware is focusing on this issue, and it is possible to remove the Uprising from Swtor Glactic Command Uprising Rotation. People who go through the Uprising as intended would be taken actions as exploit.

What can be classified to exploit in Swtor?

Due to this issue, Bioware reiterate the stance on exploits: any bug which a player can use to gain and advantage can be viewed as an exploit and could lead to action being taken against their account.

In current Fractured Uprising, players bypass some of the mechanics and gain CXP. At this point, some players take some advantages from this bug, so it is an exploit. That is to say, people who go through the Uprising as intended would be punished.

Fractured Uprising would be removed from Swtor Galactic Command

Now Bioware is investigating this issue, and the decision to remove this Uprising cannot be ruled out. To keep yourself safe, you had better let the official team know at the first time that you neither want to participate in any exploit, nor go through this bug as intended. If someone exploits, you need to report it in time.

To be honest, it is strange that this issue has been in the game for over a month and now they are investigating whether it is considered an “exploit” or not. More importantly, it is currently the most popular and most farmed Uprising in Swtor as it is the quickest and easiest way to do for Command Rank XP. So we hope Boiware can take seriously to deal with this issue.

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