Uber Taxi: Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by John Smith on February 18th, 2017

The ridesharing industry has witnessed explosive growth in the last couple of years with a growing number of drivers and eager passengers. With an impressive number of players all vying for the opportunity to lead the industry, millions of people are given the opportunity to drive these cabs and empower themselves. Ride sharing giant, Uber currently has over 14,000 cars operating in New York alone and completed its 2 billionth ride in July of 2016.Uber taxi remains an industry leader with over 160,000 drivers in the U.S alone.

Frequently asked questions

As much “using an Uber” is becoming quite a popular trend, many Uber users remain uninformed about how it works. Frequently asked questions include; “why can’t I schedule a ride with Uber” and “Should I tip my Uber driver”?

Rideshare drivers work flexible hours and essentially own the cars or drive for certain partners. For Uber, UberBLACK drivers are usually professionally trained chauffeurs who drive for Uber Partners. Uber drivers also remit between 20 – 30% commissions to Uber on each trip and keep the rest. Uber has always specified that tipping Uber drivers is not compulsory and seems to frown at the concept of tipping. As the New York Times reports:"Uber drivers have said that the company prevented them from accepting tips and led riders to believe — through statements on its website like, 'Please thank your driver, but the tip is already included' and 'there is no need to tip' — that tips are included in the price of a ride 'when in fact tips are not included.'"

However, Uber agreed to adjust its stance on tipping drivers in April of 2016 after reaching a settlement with its drivers in California and Massachusetts.  In its Help page on the web, the taxi aggregator stated that,” In most cities, Uber is a cashless experience. Tipping is voluntary. As a rider, you are not obligated to offer your driver a gratuity in cash.If you decide you would like to tip, your driver is welcome to accept.”

However, Uber passengers remain perplexed about tipping Uber drivers since a tipping feature is not incorporated within the Uber app. Even Uber drivers are not sure how to go about soliciting for tips.

You should Tip that Uber driver

While you are living in the United States, you have to recognize the tip-friendly society. People generally tip their taxi drivers, valets and even waiters, so why not tip Uber drivers?

Perhaps, this could be attributed to ignorance on how the Uber drivers get paid. Since riders are charged upfront for trips, consequently; most patronsthink that the tip is incorporated in the fare. Just like every for every other service where tipping is justified, Uber passengers should tip drivers as well.

As an Uber driver, soliciting for tips can be very sensitive. You have to make sure you do not make riders feel uncomfortable or harassed. Coming up with creative ways of soliciting tips can make the process pleasurable and light-hearted for all parties involved.
See some creative ways below:

  • Using witty inscriptions pasted behind the driver’s head rest
  • Using a tip jar with a light-hearted joke aiming to elicit tips written across the jar
  • You could even use a tip sign

N.B Please, do not verbally ask an Uber passenger for a tip. It could make them feel uncomfortable.

Schedule your Uber rides with Kommen

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