Interesting things to know about microfiber mops

Posted by richitalee on February 18th, 2017

Household cleaning is a task which requires a lot of patience and hard work. Starting from the utensils to floor cleaning and the windows everything requires a tough effort on your part. Thankfully floor cleaning is becoming easier and the new microfiber mop uses the latest technology to give your house a spic and span look. Let us know some more facts about them.

  •          In case you are looking for a mop to finish all kinds of jobs then a microfiber twist mop will work the best for you. Not only is it capable of doing hardcore cleaning like a yacht mop it is also equipped for efficiently cleaning hardwood, stone, and tile floors.
  •          They are super absorbent and hence after usage, there are no spots left on the surface. You just have to wring the water out of the mop before reapplying it to the surface.
  •          Microfiber mops are environment-friendly and hence cause no damage externally. Apart from that their heads are wide enough which ensures that these mops can move around a large area without any difficulty.
  •          The technology used in a microfiber mop ensures that there are no visible signs of dirt left on the floor. Once you have cleaned a portion of the surface you can move on as it is clean and won’t need a relook.
  •          Microfiber mops surprisingly are even able to pick up messy dirt like dog hairs and dust bunnies. Like a strong magnet, these mops are able to remove even the most difficult of the dirt and you do not have to pick up a broom to recheck.

These facts of microfiber mops may surprise you but these are true. Do not wait further to bring this innovative cleaning technology to your home. Minutes of using them will save you a lot of extra hour’s effort hence do not delay. For more information visit here:

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