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Such as omega-6 fatty acids as well as unsaturated fats can prevent thyroid hormone in its activity and thus reduce the metabolism. That fat is actually ideal for weight loss? Select the cold virgin olive oil and hemp oil for dishes, linseed oil (from linseed oil 1-3 tablespoons per day) or spice oil well on the base of organic rapeseed oil. Heating at relatively low temperatures, which is also a high-quality olive oil can be used. However, for roasting or frying so it is not suitable. Hot for the kitchen (for roasting, baking and cooking) on the other hand is the best high quality organic virgin coconut oil, margarine organic, and to clarify the butter from the old Indian cuisine. The ghee in Ayurveda as fortifying foods Agni. Agni is intended here with fire in the digestive tract. Digestion work better, faster and can also be metabolic waste management and produce the best permanent weight loss. Preferably coconut oil by the body for energy and not used as a store fat. Coconut oil did not provide the body in fat deposits, he may have it for a long re-formed only in fat storage. Thus coconut oil instead handled by the body such as carbohydrates - but without their drawbacks. Coconut oil, for example, did not result in fluctuations in blood sugar, and therefore no cravings, such as carbohydrates often do. In addition, while the omega-6 fatty acids curb the thyroid gland, and coconut oil stimulates the thyroid gland, and thus stimulates the metabolism. Coconut oil can easily come in the diet of the use of force and supports every effort to lose weight. Also read: Coconut oil - delicious and healthy 2. Weight loss without sugar and white flour Resulting in weight loss here there is no way. Sugar, white flour and carbohydrates isolated. Because it leads to fluctuations in blood sugar, excessive food cravings and appetite. Maintain high levels of insulin and prevents in such a way that fat can be degraded. Carbohydrate isolated provide you with nothing but calories - no nutrients, no minerals, no trace nor beneficial phytochemicals. So there is no reason to eat them. Avoid sugar and white flour and all products containing these foods two. Upgrade to whole grains. Avoid here but wheat products and prefer instead written or gluten-free products from rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, chestnuts, corn, hemp etc. Instead of ordinary table sugar, you can use small amounts of honey or in small quantities and xylitol. Inform yourself before using xylitol here for details about this sugar substitute: Find out more about xylitol Even coconut blossom sugar is an alternative - especially for bread, because it can be in contrast to the honey and deal with xylitol such as regular sugar. Sweet and healthy at the same bars without sugar, no white flour and no harmful fats you can relax in the vital shop online or in / get a health food store. Even made a big health sweets themselves quickly. Even chocolate can be cooked by someone else within half an hour of a healthy and quality ingredients in a delicious sweetness. If you worry about not being able to live without the traditional sugar and sweets, then get out of your addiction to sugar plan. Can be found on the necessary information here: stop the addiction to sugar 3. Weight loss with calorie konjac pasta Who wants to lose weight, usually it imposes itself on a completely refrain from pasta of all kinds. This is basically a very good idea, because carbohydrates - and moreover with rich sauces - can make remarkably quickly on a large scale. But because there is a poetic konjac, no one has to give up a delicious pasta. Konjac noodles is a free available carbohydrates, fat-free, and thus calorie-free. At the same time, they can be cooked pasta - both spaghetti bolognese, lasagna or pasta salad - everything is possible! And that with zero calories. Noodles konjac saturation also very sustainable and take the demand for large portions. Details about the noodles konjac can be found here: And konjac basic pasta 4. Lose weight without processed foods And include products manufactured foods such as fried chicken, cakes, biscuits, chips, and cereals business, desserts, baked goods and ready-made foods of all kinds. These products contain unsaturated fats (see 1.), and a lot of carbohydrates isolated (see 2), usually a lot of salt or glutamate (see 5.). At the same time they provide you with a little bit of nutrients, so it does not make sense to eat these products - unless they want to set on unhealthy ways of weight. Nine foods are all processed foods. If you eat this, incurred in the process of metabolism they have a lot of waste and metabolic waste that can not be anyone to produce their bodies. Even overlaid on them and falling fat, so that the textile waste can not hurt (see also item 11). Eat fun now, then Cla Safflower Oil  your body is much less reason to apply grease because there are fewer of waste that need to be strengthened. Eating fruit instead of fresh salads and vegetable dishes (see our recipes titles), sprouts, nuts, legumes, and fish of high quality and in some cases between now and then the organic egg. Tips for a healthy breakfast can be found here: Breakfast However, they can also make toxins for four weeks. This disposal is not only to lose weight, but also as an access to the surplus healthy diet base. You can get this in addition to the recipes detailed guide also for four weeks (one recipe per day) and get all the way safe routine in healthy cooking and eating. 5. prevent glutamate slimming Avoid products that contain sodium. Glutamate is a flavor enhancer that can taste the hearty dishes are particularly hot. On the list of ingredients announced that with monosodium glutamate or with terms such as "hydrolyzed protein" or "Spice." Glutamate causes you eat the right foods more than you really want. So glutamate enhances appetite and inhibit satiety. So suitable glutamate wonderful spice, if you want to increase strongly (on unhealthy ways). Instead spice blends you can use herbal salt, and the use of mixtures of herbs, nettle seeds spice blends and yeast-free vegetable soup. 6. weight loss with green juices If you tend to eat too much, you should try once to replace the one place of your daily meals with a green juice or juice to take to be a starter. http://www.dermayouth.org/cla-safflower-oil

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