As the reinventing version of RuneScape

Posted by CheriseSu on February 18th, 2017

As the reinventing version of RuneScape, DarkScape offers an open PVP world for RS players. In this game, you can attack and kill any other players for Birthright of the Dwarves DarkScape gold and experience. It is not that hard for you to gain resources and XP if you are brave and smart enough. Before joining in the combat, make sure to gather enough DarkScape gold you need first. Besides, arm yourself with the tips on how to play Darkscape without being killed and gain more DS gold and experience.

1. Make sure to keep highly-focused mind when traveling in DarkScape since every player can attract others in the game.

2. If someone is chasing you, just stand very still instead of running away quickly. Their vision is based on movement and this can prevent them from chasing you.

3. You can attack high level players if possible. If they are twice our level, you get bonus experience.

4. It also works by using AFK skilling. In this way, you will be completely immune to attacks from other players.

5. For faster experience gaining, you can try to explore these high risk areas. Here you are more likely to encounter more high level players.

6. You can find the most valuable items in the most far-flung parts of the map. However, you are more likely be attracted in these areas at the same time.

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If you log in Darkscape with a RS member account, you will earn 50% more XP, extra bank spaces and keep one extra item upon death. It seems that it can be very worthy to be a RS member when playing Darkscape. If you need Runescape 07 gold or RS 3 gold, you can buy them on 4rsgold. 50% off sale for 1100M Buy RS Gold and 255M runescape 2007 gold will hit shelves of 4rsgold on Sep 21. Be sure to snap up cheap RS gold on the day!

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