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 The term Jacket is a derivation from a French word "JACQUETTE", means a small tunic. It is worn on the upper body, by men, women or children in summers or winters, depending on the type of material used for the same. It has sleeves and can be fastened in the front with buttons. Therefore, a jacket can be used as a style statement or for protection.


Jackets maybe of the following different types: Atilla, Blazer, Brunswick, Corduroy Jackets, Shooting Jackets, Nehru Jackets, Reversible Jackets etc.Let’s us discuss about the Men Corduroy Jackets.


 Corduroy is a textile of the olden times, derived from cotton or a cotton blended fabric with a raised, ribbed surface texture with cords running parallel to each other and channels between them.

Corduroy has a velvety feel which makes it soft to touch, with durability, making it breathable for the individual wearing it. The texture makes it look classy at all times and can be used for both casual and formal occasions. It is made from twisted woven fibers running in parallel rows

 The use of corduroy as a fabric dates back to World War 1, where it was used as a trouser material for soldiers at the war front and is being put to use ever since in the form of jackets, trousers or even shirts. Other names for corduroy are:- corded velveteen, elephant cord, pin cord, manchester cloth and cords.

 A Corduroy Jacket is made to flatter your frame and boosts an individual's self confidence and adds to his style. A mix of stitches and shades while in the making make each one of it stand out from the other. A subtle sand color gives it a formal and classy look during the day while a taupe shade brings panache to an evening occasion. Men Shooting Jacket made up of corduroy are very popular these day.


 Corduroy jackets gives a little bit of eye-catching uniqueness without being experimental. You are still good within the secure zone of habitual menswear. Wale, which is referred for the width of the cord, divides the jackets into carrying degrees of formal wear. Pinwale corduroy is sometimes used as a material for navy blazers in place of the more common serge, creating a softer-edged and textured version of the classic style.

 Corduroy is a great fabric for winter. It is mostly used for trousers, but now it can be used for other pieces as well such as men's shirts and jackets. A corduroy shirt can be worn over a thinner shirt as well. Corduroy can be worn with denim or wool as it is a great fabric to be worn in casual outfits. It’s a very versatile casual garment

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