Advantages of information technology in business

Posted by Martin Emily on February 18th, 2017

The impact of information technology on our lives has been significant. The use of Internet and mobile phone are just part of what information technology is responsible for. The information technology has helped businesses to improve what they do.

Increase efficiency

Businesses are built around all kinds of processes. And a lot of them are repetitive slow and boring for people to perform. Computers and systems can be designed and implemented to perform these processes based on strict business rules. Processes such as services, call logging, file archiving, customer records management, etc. These tasks could actually be done by people but computers and systems can perform more accurately if they’re designed well and a lot faster than people could.

Better decision making for management

One of the most useful functions of advantages of information technology is to store large amounts of data. Years and years of individual customer records, transactions, data movements, and updates are stored all over company systems. This data can be used, aggregated, analyzed and displayed in any format imaginable to allow employees to make better decisions about their company. Data can track customer trends, financial analysis, system response times, profitable customers and anything that you have stored that can be displayed in a suitable format. This allows analysts and managers to look at this data and make decisions on it to improve the company and provide better service.

 Imrove service to customers

Over the years, information technology in business has improved to a point where it’s helped provide a better service to customers. This can be measured in many ways: decrease whole time for customer problems to be solved, accurate information being provided to customers for their accounts, faster turnaround transfer products and services, better management of information and how to apply to customers. All these points can be attributed to the advantages of IT in business. For example, I often make calls to my phone company or bank or insurance company or any other company that has incoming calls. Over the years, they’ve improved their systems to allow a better ready action of calls: call monitoring, account information and integration so that they are able to solve my problem and answer my questions quicker, easier than I could have in the past. Of course, it’s employee who answers the questions and does the work but it’s the computer system that provides them with the information they need.

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