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Posted by nash john on February 20th, 2017

The PvP anniversary of QoL ages is aloft us - and these are the updates we'll be alms in the poll blame off after this week!Since the absolution of the Grand Exchange, it hasn't been accessible to barter bank 1 Bounty Emblems admitting them accepting tradeable.In adjustment to advice humans get runescape 07 gold their easily on above quantities of these emblems, we will be alms to accomplish it accessible to buy them through the G.E.

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Question: Should bank 1 Bounty Hunter emblems be tradeable on the Grand Exchange? It would aswell become accessible to agenda emblems with this change.

Improved adumbration bead bulk Wilderness bosses,Currently, the adventitious of accepting a abstruse adumbration one of the Wilderness administration on apple 318 is actual slim, sitting at 1 in 50. We wish to accomplish it abundant added accepted by authoritative it a 1 in 5 chance.

Question: Should the adventitious of accepting abstruse emblems wilderness administration be added to 1 in 5 1 in 50? It would still alone be accessible to accept emblems as a bead on apple 318.

No targets above 5 Wilderness

One of the a lot of accepted frustrations Bounty Hunters face is accepting targets who are amid in abysmal wilderness. We will be alms the accession of a toggle acceptance Bounty Hunters to alone get targets who are amid in akin 1 - 5 Wilderness.

Question: Should a toggle be added to Bounty Hunter which prevents you accepting targets who are amid above akin 5 Wilderness?

Overlay changes

We'd like to affectation a brace added acute $.25 of advice about your Bounty Hunter target. This would cover whether or not they're skulled, and what bank adumbration they are captivation (if they accept one).

Question: Should the Bounty Hunter bury affectation whether or not your ambition is skulled, and the bank of adumbration they are captivation (if any)?

The Teleport to Bounty Ambition spell is currently acclimated actual infrequently. In adjustment to accomplish it a bit added account using, we'll be alms the abatement of the rune cost.

Question: Should the rune bulk of the Teleport to Bounty Ambition spell be removed?

Risk is something which comes hand-in-hand with the Wilderness. It is a dangerous, alone acreage breadth its citizenry do as they please. The way that bottomward items in the Wilderness currently works doesn't consistently play into this vision.Items can be alone assimilate the arena afore a death, and players can again bound acknowledgment breadth they died to aces them aback up. Evading the accident of afterlife in this way isn't absolutely in the spirit of the Wilderness, so we would like to accomplish items which are alone aural the Wilderness arise instantly.

Alongside this change, we would aswell accomplish aliment and potions never arise to added players if alone aural the Wilderness. The aim of this is to anticipate teams accouterment their own with an absolute breeze of aliment in contrarily baleful situations.All of these changes would aswell be activated to alarming areas in PvP worlds.

Question: Should tradeable items alone aural PvP areas arise instantly? This would not administer to aliment or potions, instead they would never arise to added players.

Currently, both auspiciously landing and aqueous a teleblock accommodate the aforementioned bulk of experience. On this week's poll, we will be alms to abate the bulk of acquaintance accustomed for a teleblock which fails.This will accomplish it a little easier to acquaint if your teleblock was successful.

Question: Should aqueous a teleblock accommodate beneath acquaintance than casting one successfully?

When beneath the furnishings of a teleblock, we would like to let you apperceive how abounding abnormal until the teleblock wears off in the babble bulletin if attempting to teleport.As the teleblock timer currently alone runs already per minute, we'd charge to carbon the timer to run added frequently. This would acquiesce us to accord you the amount of abnormal remaining, rather than just the amount of minutes.Rewriting the teleblock timer would accept the added side-effect of authoritative the continuance of teleblocks added consistent.Currently, the continuance of teleblocks can alter by up to a minute. Rewriting the timer would put an end to this - acceptation that a teleblock would endure 5 minutes, instead of any 4 - 5 minutes.

Question: Should we change the teleblock spell so that it can acquaint you how abounding abnormal abide afore you can teleport? This will accomplish the continuance of teleblocks added consistent.

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