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Posted by CheriseSu on February 20th, 2017

Along with Community Road Trip, Jagex recently has come up with an idea that completing the Seren quest rewards spells and Magic shortbow prayers. Although it is not set in stone, it is a real example of what they have decided upon initially and started to prototype.

This new game play allows combat and skilling to use different sets of runes but stay limited within those sets to not require large amounts of inventory space. Completing Seren quest will grant you spells and prayers. Spells would be put on the ancient magicks spellbook while prayers on the ancient curses prayer book.

The aim for the combat spells and prayers is to weigh them in team situations. So high level players are required and Vorago, Araxxor and the upcoming raids will flourish. As for spells, Crystal totems, Shield dome and Intercept may be introduced so that you can both cast damage and share it against a friendly character. As for prayers, Fortitude, Light/dark forms, and Soul link are able to increase lifepoints, amplify the effect of Seren spells, and link another sharing healing and damage. By the way, higher rune cost will be required for these spells, so it is indispensable to horn your skills with runescape 3 gold in advance.

For skilling, it focuses on new area and ground less trodden. It would be a new style of game play to skilling. For example, Spell Rapid growth allows you to skip a growth stage for a plant/tree/herb once, and Crystal Mask is able to reduce the chance of being caught pickpocketing when worn. For skilling prayers, Lean-forward mechanics allow players to gain extra rewards by reacting to something. If you want skilling prayers for years, it would give more value to prayer boost items. So take time to catch it!

In addition, Jagex has announced that the spells will get a high rune cost and that soul runes will likely be used as well. Maybe you also have many words to Rapid Growth. Since all things are in the poll, you can seize the chance to say what you want. This new game play would enhance experience in high level content effectively. You can get free 07scape gold on 4rsgold Facebook to enjoy the game.

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