Usage of Wireframes in Mobile App Development

Posted by kathyjohnson320 on February 20th, 2017

Mobile app development has completely changed the scenario of a digital world. Today, we see a rapid expansion in demand for mobile apps all over the world. This rapid growth has been possible with several open-source languages such as PHP and platform - Android. The credit goes to a wide community of app developers and designers; we can now easily use amazing mobile applications on our smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Mobile app development is a tiresome process and demands a plenty of time & efforts. So, it has become essential for the developers to choose the solutions that can make the process of development simpler. Wireframes are one of the essential designing tools that are required at the starting phase of any development procedure. With the help of wireframe; it is easy to create a complete working layout of any kind of screen.

The main motive of these well-structured drawings is focused mainly on what the screen does instead of what exactly the screen looks like. We all know that the process of mobile app design and development is long and wireframes play a vital role in defining the structural foundation of the product. Highly professional mobile app developers use Wireframes as a framework of their app structure that actually helps them to get an idea as for how the application is going to be looked. With all these wonderful features, it is important to understand the importance of Wireframes in detail:

Provide a base for mobile apps

Wireframe provides a solid base to the application and understands its working process. The visual appearance of any app works as the first impression on the users. So, it must be appealing that may help you hit the right audience. In addition to this, wireframe helps you make a quick structure for developing a smooth mobile application.

Incorporating Visual Branding

In today’s high competition, visual branding is critical for any kind of mobile app such as images, logos, taglines, etc. Wireframes can help you to create these elements as per the requirements. However, it is an ideal way of improving the navigation structure of the application.

Time and cost advantage

There is no expense of working on wireframes except the stationary cost. You only need a pen and paper in order to draw your website structure. Although it will take a lot of time to build a solid structure of the app, eventually it saves your enormous amount of time in implementation.

Measuring app usability

The process of app development consists consistent modifications. If there is a plenty of changes are made; it becomes difficult for the developer to remember those modifications. At this point, wireframes work as the rescue Wireframes' history provides the idea of the changes to the developers.

With wireframes and careful study, you can get the idea of deployment which is needed to be executed to create the app. Wireframes make it easy for the mobile app developers to find the usability of the application