6 Steps to Ensure Fire Safety on your Work Floor

Posted by ARflk21 on February 20th, 2017

Fire has a huge impact on workstations, especially if they are manufacturing or automotive plants. The work stations need to be fire safe in order to protect the staff and the company’s assets.

The production floors are loaded with things that can cause fire. In order to protect your employees, these prevention measures must be taken to assure safety.

1. Fire Fighting Equipment:

Work stations need to be ready for a fire. In order to manage the crisis internally, or by the working staff, they need fire equipment which includes:

These fire equipment is likely to save your life during a fire disaster.

2. Fire Exits:

Work stations can create a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP) and the fire procedure. This FEEP is a written document including the actions to be taken by all staff members in the event of a fire disaster. It also includes the arrangements for calling the fire brigade.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. For example, small premises can take a simple fire action sign and position it where staff and relevant people can read and become familiar with its contents.

3. Training Sessions:

Maintaining a calm environment during a fire is next to impossible. However, your staff can be trained to tackle the situation by taking matters into their own hands and hold the fire till a fire emergency team walks in. For this, companies have to prepare their entire staff by taking some training sessions.

Trainings are usually outsourced to a specialized team. This is a giant leap forward with respect to disaster management.

4. Create a Smoking Zone:

Most of the companies have a designated smoking area, but we know that everyone does not it use it regularly. It may be presumed as people don’t want to show their love to smoke frequently.

Therefore, you need to make them aware of the fact that smoking is an illegal activity on a work floor.

5. Special care for flammable items:

Workstations are likely to have flammable items on their work floors, and most of the time it won’t cause any mayhems, but that cannot be taken lightly. Work stations need to handle flammable goods with precaution. Create a floor plan where a special area is designated to flammable items and has no fire hazards.

6. The Maintenance check:

Having mentioned all the above points, we need to understand that fire measure activities are not a one-time job. The workstations should keep auditing to ensure that the equipment are not damaged in any way.

Just by learning how to use an equipment is not enough to fight fire hazards. They don’t have an expiry period, however, that does not mean that they last forever. On an average a fire extinguisher works for around 10-15 years, depending on the quality of the manufacturers. Ideally, fire extinguishers should be serviced annually for refills and repairing.

Source: http://www.alifmart.com/blog/6-steps-to-ensure-fire-safety-on-your-work-floor/

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