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Posted by CheriseSu on February 21st, 2017

Bad news or good news? This week's update has brought along some fantastic additions to RS Old School. The good news is Magic shortbow that you get an entrance to open up an instance for you and others in your clan. However, you may pay much for it.

Pay 200,000 coins to open up your own RS Corp instance for your clan
Players in the same clan chat, who are ranked as Captain or above, can pay 200,000 coins and use a portal found just outside the entrance to the Corporeal Beast, to open up an instance. Once opened, the instance is accessible to anyone in your clan for no cost.

Both RS ironman and ultimate ironman can enter the entrance created by themselves
Both ironman and ultimate ironman accounts are unable to enter an instance created by someone else. They do still have the option to enter an instance that they create but it will not be open to members of their clan chat. They will be charged the full 200,000 coins.

Please note:

1. Your items drop to the ground when you die in an instance for 10 minutes as usual.
2. You can't return to the instance to retrieve your items, if you leave the instance or you are kicked from the friends chat.

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