How to avoid dental cavities?

Posted by Divya Raut on February 21st, 2017

Dental cavity is a hole in the teeth, but cavities don’t occur over night it happens when you neglect oral health. Our mouth is filled with bacteria and sugar which gets deposited on the teeth. Tooth decay is caused due to the bacteria that use sugar to make acids, these acids further make cavities on the teeth.  Cavities develop when the teeth are frequently exposed to the acids. If you eat or drink frequently the foods which contain sugar and starch the repeated exposure of acid makes the enamel to lose minerals.  Dentists in Goa say that a white spot develops on the teeth this white spot which is an early sign of tooth decay. Over the time enamel is weakened and destroyed and a cavity is formed. Dentists in Goa say that cavity is a permanent change that a dentist can cure by refilling.

Fluoride is a mineral that can prevent the tooth decay it can reverse early tooth decay and even completely stop it. Fluoride protects mineral loss in tooth enamel and also replaces the lost minerals. It also reduces the immunity of the bacteria to make acid.  Dentists in Vizag say that fluoridated water supplies good amount of fluoride also brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste can also provide fluoride in good amount. Dentists also suggest fluoride gel or varnish for the surface to prevent decay, fluoride tablets also provide fluoride. Mouth rinse which contains fluoride is also recommended in some cases.

Dentists in Goa say that your diet reflects on your oral health. Every time you eat something or drink the sugar and the starch present in the food use the bacteria to produce acids.  These acids damage the tooth enamel. Our saliva also helps to fight with the acid attacks. But if  you  eat frequently throughout the day  especially the food which contains sugar and starches the acid attacks cause the tooth to lose enamel and develop a cavity.

Here are some teeth friendly tips to avoid cavities that develop on teeth:

  • Limit the no of meals you have during the day. This will in turn reduce the acid attacks and also gives the teeth a chance to develop and repair themselves
  • Avoid consumption of sugar, candy, aerated drinks, smoking or chewing tobacco, cookies and soda too.
  • Dentists in Vizag also say that people who have fruit juice through out the day should also limit the consumption of fruit juice throughout the day.
  • Make sure you don’t consume anything that has sugar after brushing the teeth at night. The flow of saliva decreases at night, hence, the teeth are not able to repair themselves.

Dentists in Goa suggest that a person should visit a dentist regularly for examinations ad cleanings. The dentists will take further steps and perform procedures to remove plaque. Check for the areas which need extra attention and care.  A person should visit   regularly as teeth cleaning not only affects the appearance but is also a beforehand preventive measure to avoid tooth decay and serious dental issues.  

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