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Posted by BarryKinson on February 22nd, 2017

The national broadband network, the purpose of this network is to try to connect at least ninety percent of Australian businesses, home, and facilities with the fastest broadband services of hundred megabits per second (MBS). The other ten per cent of Australians have not been forgotten either, as these people will still get 12 MBS broadband services through wireless capabilities.

 The general target of the NBN is to offer Australians with an affordable and easy type of broadband services that exceeds user expectation.  This project was supported and approved by the Australian government,  committed to this project who are willing to offer an incredible amount of billion to make this new lead work. Also included in the National broadband network plan is the objective to attract more investors, eliminate black spots in the region and to boost the telecommunication services in the country.

These are not the only plan that government offers for this complex broadband network system which is also expecting the project will be the basis for their digital economy, a new service that might include using this service to improve the knowledge in the country through smart grids, education, and health.

You might now know what the NBN is, but what is a fiber to a home network? This optic fiber network runs with specialized lines which are very small in size (microscopic) that can carry a huge amount of information through the rate in which light is traveled through the glass. These signals can immediately receive and send information in a matter of seconds. The government is planning to increase this speed through including various colors of light which can travel faster. If this line of glass is unprotected, it will be destroyed, which is why these glass strands are rolled into a plastic casing which keeps the fiber optics secure. The plastic can be bent which further helps to assist its strength and flexibility.

On the global scale, the proposal of using fiber optic cables is not new since these are the same lines that are used to connect countries and in Australia have been used to adjoin towns and cities. You might think if you use this already then what is the difference?

Currently,  these fiber optics are being done through ADSL and copper technology.  Information is passed through this and in return, blends both the data and voices and then will separate them when they arrive at their real place at one's modem.

To know more about NBN plans, check out this website.

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