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Posted by alinachurchill3 on February 22nd, 2017

The history of the noni fruit is quite rich and varied. This widely loved fruit has been in existence for nearly 2000-3000 years. Believed to have originated in Southeast Asia or the French Polynesian islands, noni or the Indian mulberry is scientifically called Morinda Citrifolia. Noni fruit got the name ‘Indian Mulberry’ owing to the fact that it looks like a white mulberry. The plant grows 5-9 meters tall, has large, dark green leaves, and small and white flowers that bloom year round. Back in the past, leaves, seed, stem, fruit, flowers and other parts of this plant were used for one thing or the other. But, it doesn’t mean that the popularity and use of the noni fruit has dialed down nowadays. Even in today’s time, people relish the juice of the noni fruit with great interest.

Did you know that Captain James Cook recorded seeing the fruit being eaten raw in Tahiti during his voyages in the 18th century? Were you aware of the fact that the fruit is used as a famine food mainly? While in South-East Asia, it is eaten raw with salt (despite its bitter taste), the noni fruit is cooked and eaten in curry sauces in many other places. That said, let’s shed some light on the cultivation of the noni fruit in Hawaii.

People in Hawaii, grow noni in places that are relatively dry to moderately wet, from sea level to about 1500 feet elevation. Easily found in gulches, near the coast, open lowlands and grasslands, and disturbed forests of the dryer areas, the noni plant is said to endure soil salinity as well as brackish irrigation water. Propagated either from seed or stem cuttings, noni trees growing in forests are extremely healthy even without fertilizers. But, in other agricultural settings, noni plants require a proper fertilization program. Noni plants start bearing fruits about 9 months after planting. Though fruits are small at this stage, they can be harvested. In Hawaii, people harvest noni plants year round. Fresh fruits when ripe, are picked for processing. As far as the preparation of juice is concerned, it is squeezed directly from the ripened fruits or dripped from the fruits and fermented as per the traditional method.

Indigenous to India, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia, the noni plant is highly sought after in different parts of the world, owing to its exclusive and exotic juice. Prepared by natural methods, farm direct noni fruit juice offers health benefits of noni fruit plant.

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