Concrete Vs Steel Buildings: What?s The Difference And Which One Is Better?

Posted by Prestige Buildings on February 22nd, 2017

Whenever starting a new building project both builders and owners like to consider the two options as to which one is better, more sustainable, and enduring, and best choice for your money. There is no dearth of metal or steel buildings in Ontario, but have you ever noticed the difference between the two or tried to contemplate what’s the difference between them. So, for a clear differentiation, here are a few aspects in which the two stand completely different apart from each other.

  1. Safety: Concrete is more durable when it comes to safety, you don’t need to fireproof it with additional layers to adhere with regulations on fire codes. face other natural or artificial disasters. The mass, strength, heaviness, and strength of concrete allows the building to face winds blowing at more than 200 miles per hour and face other natural disasters more confidently then say a Steel Building. However, when you are looking more cost effective a steel building will be the right path. Depending on your preference you will have to add passive fire protection to your steel building. Steel buildings are equally capable of facing high temperature and meet all codes for fire proofing with your added protection, do remember fire proofing is not always needed. In seismic zones, steel has proved its worth, with its ductility, which means it has the ability to bend without breaking, combined with solid engineering and fabrication your steel building will be very productive to withstand mother nature.
  2. Cost: The prices of concrete mix have been stable for years. However, the increase in steelhas also been minimal in the past few years. With cast-in-place concrete you can understand a costlier projectwith the structural integrity. Steel, on the other hand, has seen a fifty percent rise in price since 2003. However, steel framing still remains a cheaper task as compared to reinforced concrete.

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