Install pace of Play Clock to Avert Golf Slow Play to Make the Game Interesting

Posted by Chomko LA on February 23rd, 2017

Time is important and keeping time on a golf courseis more important and that is the reason why the pace of play clocks is used in sports like Golf.

Golf is a popular game among people of every race, different financial well being, celebrities, sportsmen, and anyone who can afford to enter a golf course.

In golf synchronized clocks are used to dictate the speed of play as slow play can take away from the enjoyment of the game. With so many players taking part in an afternoon of golf it becomes necessary that the pace of play clocks are pressed into service to get some urgency in golf slow play so it does not become a major problem on the course.

The clocks are set when the players tee off during the course of the play and the players will keep an eye on the clock so they are not behind the schedule. Golf can get tedious  if golfers must wait on every hole. This test everybodies patience as players wait in every hole.

The Organizers use the pace of play clocks to avoid golf slow play and speed up the proceedings so it is not boring and players are able to complete the courses with some urgency.

PGA tour players stand to win a lot of money if they play well, neretheless, they must keep their pace in order to avoid penalty shots. Speed of play is important to keep the viewers glued to the proceedings and the pace of play clocks connected to certain hole on the golf course will organize and maintain the pace of play.

These clocks can be placed at the various points  which is visible from all parts of the golf course. This allows the players to keep track of the time and warn each other in a group of the time, which will dictate the pace of the play. Custom built clocks specially made for golf industry is the best choice as they are solar panel fitted and self sustained for power. They are maintenance free and weather proof, accurate and draw its time from your existing network.


This article is about pace of play clocks that are planted on the golf course at various vantage points to show the remaining time.

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