Good Growth Opportunities in Global Social Publishing Application Market Till 20

Posted by Shirish Wadaskar on February 23rd, 2017

Social publishing application can be defined as a tool or the app that helps in publishing content on social media. With the increase in the usage of social networking websites, there has been increase in the demand of social publishing applications. There are many applications such as Sprinklr, Twitter web client, Hootsuite, and Social Dynamx. These Social publishing applications allow users to connect users publishing content with their social networking websites. Moreover, Social publishing application post content on behalf of user and helps in increasing social connectivity.

The social publishing is also known as the combination of web content management, web application management and social software management. Social publishing application helps assembles all the mentioned technology and provide a website where user can post, and engage within a web based activity. Social publishing application also helps users such as publishers, and magazine writers to link their content with social websites for increasing potential users.

Social Publishing Application Market: Drivers and Challenges

Now a days with the growing significance of social websites among users in various industries, technology providers have started offering tools such as social publishing applications to improve usage of social media.

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The major driving factor for Social publishing application market is the rising usage of content management systems among users. In various organizations, there has been extensive usage of digital assets, due to which companies employ several content management systems such as web content management system, and digital asset management system. These Social publishing application helps by storing, editing, controlling, and retrieving digital content within the organization. In most of the industries, companies are using these Social publishing application to get rid of excessive paper work. These technology also help user by providing linkage to social websites. These content management systems help user by posting content in the social websites to improve business status. Social publishing application also allow potential customers to get knowledge about the company, its new product launches, and other activities.

The restraint for this Social publishing application market is the high risk of data loss and misuse. The social publishing applications links the content of the organization with social websites. Many times it happens that social websites gets hacked. The content linked to the social website also comes under the cyber-attack, which allow hacker to hack the content from the organization. It leads to the risk of data misuse and data loss. The digital content, also includes personal information of clients, vendor details, financial information of organization, which comes under the risk in case of social website hacking. Few social publishing application providers have started offering solutions that ask for authorization of data from user before posting it to social website.

Social Publishing Application Market:Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of solution:

  • Social media management: This Social publishing solution helps user in managing social media and social content. It uses a data base of ready-to publish messages and other creative content for user to share. It also helps in controlling and managing content which is to share at social websites. It also allow user to manage social websites by suggesting type to content to be published in the particular website.

  • Brand management: This Social publishing application solution improves the brand acceptance among clients by providing timely information to them. It also support branding team by providing them content to authorize before publishes. This helps in aligning the branding and the goal in the same direction.

  • Web application management: This Social publishing application solution allow organization to edit, create and publish content on web. There are various web based application being used by organizations to publish content on web. This Social publishing application solution helps in proper controlling and management of these web based applications.

Companies such as Adobe, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Social Dynamx, Buffer, and Twitter are some of the key vendors of Social Publishing Applicationmarket.

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Regional Overview

The North America region holds the largest market share of global social publishing application market. The market is growing comprehensively in countries such as US and Canada due to the high adoption of advance technologies in order to expand their capacity and opening the new facilities. The major solution vendors in this Social publishing application are from North America, creating high growth opportunity for social publishing market. Companies such as Proofpoint are also creating solutions for this market due to the opportunities lying in this market.

The Asia Pacific region is following the North America region in this Social publishing application marketnand is expected to have the highest growth rate in coming years due to the adoption of social websites and the growing usage of them for business purposes in countries such as Australia and India. 

In Europe region, the market for Social publishing application is witnessing slow growth rate due to the slow adoption rate of technology. Countries such as U.K. is contributing enormously towards the application of these technologies.

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