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Posted by Jack Kason on February 23rd, 2017

Ginseng, the wonder herb is immensely beneficial for health. This nutritious herb belongs to one of the 11 species of slow-growing perennial plants of the Araliaceae family. Ginseng is a medicinal plant with fleshy roots that flourishes in Siberia, Korea, and Northern China. Owing to its exceptional medicinal properties, ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicines for hundreds and thousands of years. As far as the categorization is concerned, ginseng is classified based on its place of origin. Ginseng with origin in North Korea and China is known as Asiatic or Panax ginseng. Panax ginseng is red and mostly made into tea, slices or capsules. On the other hand, American ginseng or Panax quinquefolium is ginseng grown in southern Ontario, Georgia, and Wisconsin. When it comes to the basic difference between the two types, Asian ginseng has a warm effect on the body while the American ginseng is popularly known for its calming effect.

American ginseng offers ‘n’ number of therapeutic benefits, owing to the potent chemicals embedded within the root of the plant. Out of all, polysaccharide glycans and ginsenosides are two prime nutrients that provide the energy boost for which ginseng is massively popular all across the globe. That said, let’s shed some light on the countless benefits of this superior herb. American ginseng is massively sought after among health enthusiasts as it promotes normal blood sugar, boosts the immune system, soothes intestinal irritation, and supports normal brain function, memory, and thought. Considered to be effective in diabetes, insulin resistance related to HIV treatments, cancer-related fatigue, and high blood pressure, American ginseng is also suggested to works wonders in relieving nerve pain, erectile dysfunction, fever, hangover symptoms, ADHD, anemia, and numerous other health conditions.

You too can make use of ginseng rootsin order to cure several ailments. Perfect for treating anxiety and stress related illnesses, American ginseng roots are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Quite beneficial for overall skin health, roots of American ginseng are available in numerous forms such as ungraded, bullet, short, half short, long, and others. If it’s the first time that you will be trying American ginseng, it would be best to purchase an affordable pack of ungraded American ginseng root dragon claw. If concerned about the source, look online for the most experienced name in the ginseng business. Rest assured, you will receive ungraded American ginseng roots that are clean, carefully scrutinized & tested, and free from any chemical residue.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order for ungraded American ginseng root dragon claw right away!

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