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Solar Powered Golf Clock Eliminates Electricity While Improving Golf Operations

Posted by ChomkoLA on February 23rd, 2017

A golf clock is a special clock which dictates the pace of play in a course and they are synchronized to complete a phase of the game within a particular time frame.

The clocks are useful as they speed up the progress of play and make the game more funand interesting. Earlier clocks were mounted on boards and were manually synchronized to show the correct timing.

Scientific advancement and the advantage of the internet has now invented golf clocks that can be powered by the sun and controlled by GPS. The solar clock can be placed a the practice area to unite the golf operations. The first tee with the practice area.

The golf clocks depending on the budget of the golf course can be chosen with great taste. The clocks can be manufactured according to specification and  match with the ambience and color and architectural scheme of the golf course and buildings.

Lone standing clocks tastefully mounted on artful pillars would look outstanding and the bright dial face display will be easily visible in the sunlight. Unlike manually synchronized clocks the golf clock can be controlled by the GPS and time is automatically set by them. These clocks are made with waterproof material, hence the organizers don’t have to worry about the clocks getting damaged by rain or storm.

Earlier clocks used to be powered by cables attached to a power source or battery operated which used to be a maintenance hazard and a costly practice. Clocks may slow down when the power is down or it may stop altogether when they run out of power.

Now we have golf clocks that operate on solar power as they come attached with solar panels to supply them with power free of cost. You don’t have to spend money on power bill as the panels will convert solar energy to feed the clocks with the power they need. A golf clock plays an important role in the proceedings of a golf game and stand as a landmark for the club.

It is also significant that golf course use state of the art equipment and accessories required conducting play and keeping them on schedule. These golf clocks can be made to order according to taste and means.


This article is about golf clocks that are modern and powered by solar cells so they don’t consume costly electricity and are remote operated through GPS  so they show correct timings. 

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