How Are Natural Latex Mattresses More Evolved Than Spring Coil Mattresses?

Posted by HaikuDesigns on February 24th, 2017

Be In Tune with Your Sacred Body

Natural latex mattress offer orthopedic benefits that conventional box-spring mattresses cannot provider. Latex mattresses surrender to the contour of the human body, and latex is especially supportive to the spinal column. If you struggle with lower back pain or neck pain, then a mattress made from latex will surely provide you with at least some amount of relief. It may not be a cure-all for every condition or situation; however, but it can be a helpful addition to one’s general health routine. The more common mattresses with box-springscan often be rather stiff, and as they get older from numerous years of use, they almost always dip in the middle, which will definitely cause stress and/or harm to a person’s spinal column, especially if you sleep on your stomach. Of course, this is cause by the unnatural angle. Also, chiropractors will tell you that it’s much better for the spine to sleep on your side or your back, so training yourself to sleep on your stomach is advisable, and sleeping on latex is also advisable.

Be In Tune with the New Market

What many people refer to today as the Green industry is a burgeoning business in America and many European countries. More and more consumers are applying the Law of Supply & Demand to insist upon products made entirely from natural, organic and renewable materials, such as latex and bamboo, instead of toxic merchandize made from synthesized chemicals that were born in a laboratory. Many researchers, retailers and consumers believe that this relatively new market will continue to grow with time, thanks in great part to the Internet and its unlimited amount of knowledge, along with the increase in public awareness about the need to protect the environment as well as ourselves and those we care about. So, keep a keen eye on the Green market. 

Be In Tune with Old Mother Nature

Having a historical context for latex is a helpful way to understand its eco-friendly nature and characteristics. It is often referred to as the Heave tree’s sap, but this is an erroneous assumption. The sap flows deeper within the tree, beneath what’s called the cambium. Instead, latex flows through veins or ducts that are located in another layer just outside of the cambium, which means that this structure requires a skillful tapper. Subsequently, if the cambium is accidentally cut, it harms the tree, since the cambium is where the growing occurs. So, if excessive damage to the cambium takes place, then the tree ceases to grow and ceases to produce latex. Obviously, conventional mattresses and box-springs don’t grow in or on trees, so they have a rather different back-story, which always ends tragically in a toxic landfill. You might consider supporting Mother Nature by purchasing a latex mattress from an eco-friendly furniture store.

About the Author :

This article was written by Mark Klosterman who worked at Haiku Design. Since its inception, Haiku Designs has provided the finest collections of modern furniture for home and offices. It offers all kinds of bedroom , living room, dining room, office furniture items and more. Apart from this, Haiku Designs also offers natural bedding, floor covering and other accessories.

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