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Posted by John on February 25th, 2017

In this post, we are going to take a closer look at one of our more unique and best vapin donuts brands. Amish Vapes. In particular, the Amish Vapes Lancaster Apple Fritter product.

Now, we all know that some flavored ejuices, and especially those that try to emulate some form of cooked fruit, often fail to deliver on their promise. There is actually a very good reason for this. Producing a raw fruit flavor is actually pretty simple. There are almost industry standard flavoring and chemical compositions that can be used to create just about any fruit taste. Just look at the range of fruit drinks you find in any convenience store. Creating a fruit vape follows a well-trodden path.

But when it comes to creating a subtle, cooked fruit taste such as this Lancaster Apple Fritter ejuice, things are more complex. Citrus and fruit flavors are easy to emulate. Cooked pastry and caramelized sugar are much harder to produce.

So, when we say that this Amish Vape ejuice manages to hit the nail on the head when it comes to taste, you know that it must be something special. Even the golden-brown color of this ejuice screams deep fried apple fritter. Crisp apples, with a subtle cinnamon undertone, and the rich taste of deep fried fruit with brown sugar are the order of the day here. This exciting taste experience is delivered every vape.

We all have our go-to e juice flavors when it comes to vaping. Some like a traditional tobacco taste, others something a little quirkier such as ganja. And then there are those of us who favor something simple like peppermint. There is nothing wrong with having a favorite flavor per se. But now and then it can be a good thing to mix it up a little, and try something new. The problem is, that so many ejuices are disappointing when it comes to the taste department. And this puts people off experimenting with new exotic ejuice flavors. So, when we discover something like the Amish Vape range of ejuices, we have to let our customers know. This is a high-quality flavored ejuice that really does deliver exactly what it says it will. A true taste of deep fried apple fritter.

This particular Buy Buy Best Cheap E Cig Juiceis available in 10ml, 120ml, 30ml, 5ml, and 60ML bottle sizes, and with several nicotine levels from 0mg through to 24mg. So if you are a light vaper looking for flavor, or a heavy vapor looking for a nicotine substitute, this is an excellent flavored ejuice for you to try.

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