The Evolution of Smoke Pipes and their Trendy Use

Posted by ricky26 on February 28th, 2017

Pipes have been used for smoking since many years. These pipes earlier made from ceramics were used just like cigarettes. Each pipe had to be filled with tobacco and then burnt from top to smoke tobacco. Pipes were first used as a trend amongst the nobles for smoking tobacco and grass. Over the course of time, pipes were made with ivory; marble and wood too and later machine crafted glass pipes were introduced. The design of the pipe has always been an important factor for smoke lovers looking forward to buying pipes. Much attention is paid by buyers in this regard as smoke pipes are more of a style statement as well. Pipes are available in various shapes such as spoon, bull-cap, apple and other such shapes. These days’ unique glass pipes are in trend with glass being blown into the shape of trendy pipes.

Like all pipes, glass pipes are not just used to smoke tobacco, they are also used to smoke cannabis, weed and other such herbal materials for recreational and intoxication purposes. Glass pipes unlike ivory or marble pipes are not just available in a single design or in a few colors but are available with various designs and colors filled in the glass to ensure that the user of the glass pipe looks stylish and elegant. Over the course of time, glass water pipes have also been used more often for fun as well as for medical purposes. The water pipes and its smoke render the feeling of being on top of the world and also release stress. Often referred to as Bongs, glass water pipes were also made of ceramic and marble earlier but have gradually moved to the use of glass in time.

There are many glass blowing companies which deal in blowing glass into pipes and water pipes for recreational and medical purposes and one such company is Degenerate Glassworks. Degenerate Glassworks are involved in selling, making and stocking of various types of glass pipes.

About Degenerate Glassworks:

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