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Posted by Angelsmith on March 2nd, 2017

Sony is a well-known brand name in manufacturing of phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles and many other electronic devices all over the world. Sony Xperia phones have a big screen, good camera quality, long battery life and better performance. Today, we will discuss some of the problems and solutions of Sony Xperia repair in the UK.

The performance of the touch screen may be affected by heat or device covers or screen protectors. If you have applied a screen protector to your device, make sure there are no air bubbles, dust, or moisture under the screen protector.

Remove the protective case or cover from your device to verify that it does not interfere with the touch screen. To ensure that your touch screen is clean, wipe the screen with a clean, dry cloth. Before use, make sure that your hands and fingers are clean and dry. Look for Sony Xperia repair specialists to suggest issues and solutions with your gadget.

If your Sony Xperia device becomes overheated, the touch functionality may be affected. Try to cool and then use the touch screen again. Turn your device off and on. By doing this, it closes all running applications and free up memory which, automatically solve the problem.

If the problem comes up while your device is charging, make sure you use a genuine Sony charger and a specially designed USB cable to charge your device. Others may have an adverse effect on the functionality of your Sony Xperia device.

If your device has a memory card, remove the card and restart the device. If removing the memory card solves the problem, your SD card may be damaged. In this case, replace the old SD card in your Xperia device or contact Sony Xperia repair technician to solve problems at a reasonable price.

Sometimes your phone may perform slowly. This may be due to outdated software or running applications. A software update is available and you need to update it. A notification appears in the device status bar.

To download and install the Xperia update, just touch Notification and follow the onscreen instructions. If you can not make updates, try to connect with the best technicians at famous Sony Xperia repair centre.

Occasionally, Sony Xperia owners see a drop in audio quality during calls, which can be solved with enhanced features. Before you make any sound adjustments, try restarting your Sony Xperia smartphone and check whether it solve the problem. Then, check the network signal strength and make sure your hand does not accidentally cover the microphone or the speaker.

Make the call voice equaliser normal and then see if you notice any change in quality. If you’re still having trouble, try to swap out your SIM card to see if it fixes the problem. Maybe your existing SIM has been damaged, and that’s why it affects your phone calls.

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