Key Components Of Ideal LED Landscape Lighting Kits

Posted by markdives9987 on March 2nd, 2017

LED lighting is considered superior because it comes with an array of advantages over conventional bulbs and lamps. Not only is it about the energy saving factor of these lights that give them this upper hand but also, the fact that they have a greater lifespan than their alternatives. LED lights also come to their full brightness without making you wait for a warm-up time as happens in case of other forms of lighting. 

  • LED uses 50-90% less power leading to massive savings on energy bills. 
  • They have proven to be much safer as they come with minimal disposable hazards. 
  • They are eco-friendly, free of UV radiation and do not produce infrared light either. 

These are just highlights of the advantages offered by these lights and that is why they are a preferred choice with customers looking forward to take up or outsource outdoor low voltage landscape lighting projects. The latter has been further made simpler with the provision of high quality, all inclusive LED landscape lighting kits that reduce the work time because of the ease with which they can be assembled. 

Essentially, a good LED lighting kit for landscaping projects should include the following:

  • Sets of path lights
  • Sets of spot lights
  • Castor wall wash lights
  • High quality multi-tap transformer
  • Burial wire connectors in varying sizes
  • Low voltage landscape wires
  • Up lights and downlights
  • PVC construction 

Depending on different brands and specifications, the components of these kits tend to vary. There could also be flexible light strips with power fixtures for certain assemblies and extension cables that make it possible to set up custom installations. 

Assembling an LED lighting kit for landscapes is a fairly easy task. All you need to know is the basic steps and get help if required. When buying from reliable sources, you would get the complete instructions for installation which you can explain to your clients too. 

Another great part about these lighting kits is that there are plenty of options to choose from. Depending on the kind of outdoor lighting you are looking forward to, you can pick from RGB lights, rotating lamps, strips, fans and several other innovative elements that accentuate the overall appeal of the lighting that you set up. The spot lights and path lights tend to play the central role as a major part of the landscaping project depends on the way these lights are arranged and fixed. 

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article talks about the key components of ideal LED landscape lighting kits.

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