Horace Carby-Samuels and John Summers: Lies, Deception and Crimes Against Humani

Posted by smotij on March 2nd, 2017

Petition: Ottawa's Bell Baker's John Summers Spreads Lies, Enforces Abuse – A Crime Against Motherhood

Is Bell Baker's John Summers just a cog of another corrupt law firm of many that prostitute themselves to the highest bidder regardless of ethics and human decency?  Or, is John Summers part of a “Deep Conspiracy” of a vast chain of command which includes dirty cops, lawyers and judges? 

What is apparent is that Bell Baker's Mr Summers has prepared a fraudulent affidavit and has perpetrated abuse of court procedure and other techniques of deception that has been responsible for an elderly woman no longer being able to talk, walk and write in Ottawa. 

This Bell Baker lawyer has used those lies to deny her very son the ability to see his own Mom, and the ability of a battered and neglected Mom to see her own son.

John Summers has not only violated ethical standards that governs lawyers in the Province of Ontario; but has also violated our very principles of decency as human beings.


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