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Posted by ownher12 on March 3rd, 2017

Recently, Jagex are working hard to cheap rs gold rework Ming. Today’s article will give you a preview of Mining Rework. Now it’s time to buy runescape 3 gold cheap to get ready for the upcoming content. RS3gold provides RS gold with up to cash coupons which is a good chance for you all.

Runescape Mining Rework

The major changes to runescape Mining are:

1.The player can choose to get slightly faster XP and Ore by actively engaging, or less by playing mostly AFK.

2.XP and ore are awarded separately. XP is more frequent and Ore is less frequent.

3.Rocks do not deplete and there is no competition.

4.Ore can be banked at deposit boxes at every Mining area.

5.Added a new mechanic to make banking ore easier.

6.Added a small benefit from strength and agility to Mining speed.

7.Changed the recovery animation mechanic to be every X strikes rather than always after every ore.

The aims of Mining Rework in runescape:

1.To make banking ore less difficult to remove the need for drop Mining.

2.To create natural break points in the skill so you can’t mine indefinitely without interruption.

3.To establish a formal network of Mining spots which could be tied into future rewards.

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