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Posted by jeenniwill on March 3rd, 2017

Everybody likes to be updated with news right from a school kid, an entrepreneur or a businessman. Some have time to read newspaper while some love to read it online on any application or a website. The news we often get is lengthy and we do not have to read this. But now we have a website called that provides latest technology news instantly. The content provided by them is small and effective.

This website is a weblog and provides opinion on different technology. There are various technology related topics or subjects like cyber security, automation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mobile etc. There is a vast research going on in each field regularly and things are emerging very fast that we cannot think about. Every piece of tech is an older version of what will be invented tomorrow.

There are various tech news websites on internet but not all gives instant update about tech news. Gadgets are now becoming a part of our day to day life. No one even leaves the home without wearing any gadget. We are all surrounded by gadget right from television, mobile phones, watches and a new tech is emerging rapidly and that is virtual reality. Companies like facebook are working day and night to provide services to the user. These latest technology inventions and their news are available on the website. Gears like Samsung gear, Android wear, are used by people now days; they have various applications like they are linked to your phone so you do not need to check the phone every time. They are used to monitor your health. This gadget news is available at the several click of your mouse.

People can get reviews about their phones on the website just like recent new about Samsung phone catches fire etc. Artificial intelligence a future tech is no longer away from the hands of human. Self driving cars are a biggest example of this. As a coin has two sides so every tech has two sides. The fast emerging tech is reducing jobs for people. Robots created to solve every problem with higher efficiency are replacing humans in every field. They are serving food in restaurants, manufacturing products in factories. A company named Boston Dynamics have introduced robots on wheels that have created a shocking moment for the people. You can visit the website and read such type of news easily.

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