School Bell Software Helps Control Bell Alerts Wirelessly and Accurately

Posted by Chomko LA on March 3rd, 2017

Bell systems have been used for ages to control schedules, whether it is a factory, school, or any other establishments where mass control is required. Schools are important institutions for the society as its children start the learning process there to pave a way for their future prospects and these institutions have to be run like clockwork and bell systems adequately prove to be effective

in announcing the end of a class, intervals, starting and closing timing of the school timetable. Manual bells were used and are still present in schools and an employee of the school is deputed to operate it according to the time set by the school administration.The computer invasion has changed the way these bells are operated as they have done with everything in our life, and school bell software is now being used to control the bell operations to control school timings.

The school bell software is used to operate bells wirelessly and are synchronized according to the school timetable and controlled by the computer network system that exists in the institution. The wireless bell system is powered by IP or PoE and they synchronized with the existing or new school bells. The old manual bell is more than sufficient if you do not want to buy new bells and the wireless system will control those bells with the help of the software.

The system also receives its time from the GPS and broadcast it through plug-n-play transmitter. The system also does not allow interference from outside as the transmitter is licensed and will protect your investment.

Old system needs a lot of efforts and dedication from the school management to maintain and operate and extra personnel is required to deploy for the purpose of ringing the bell to announce the commencement of each classes and the end.

Here the human error comes in to play and the accuracy of the bell timing that is synchronized manually from conventional sources. With the wireless bell system you don’t need to do anything as the network system at your school will take care of the timings and the schedule and will operate the bells automatically and accurately. This is the best option to keep discipline and control over the proceedings if your school can afford the system. 


This article is about school bell software which controls the bell alerts of school time table and to it automatically and accurately without human help using IP or PoE.

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