Top 3 Reasons for Choosing the Cloud-based dental software

Posted by Divya Raut on March 4th, 2017

Understand the cost and benefits when you choose to use cloud-based dental software and why traditional dental software have failed dentist expectation.

1. Moving data to the cloud can relieve you of heavy reliance on physical storage you are solely responsible for.

Research shows that human errors account for 52% of data breaches, the most common of which is ‘general carelessness.’ The risk of human error can be particularly high when dealing with patient data. Many offices do manual backup improperly until problems occur; most offices transfer data daily to a USB, and any mistake during this process such as losing the USB on your way home can harm your practice.

So any Ontario dental office that fails to implement such physical protection upon their local server can be held legally responsible in cases of data loss.

Cloud-based dental software, without requiring a server in your office, does not need dentists to shoulder all the legal obligation and high costs of protecting it.

2. The cost neither of using cloud-based dental software is likely to be Lowe Nor than a desktop version.

The cost of typical desktop dental software over five years can add-up to ,000 that includes initial setup fee, monthly maintenance, training, and separately purchased features such as Appointment email reminders and remote access. All manual updates and data backups take administration time that could have been spent on treating more patients. Some offices also have to hire an IT specialist to deal with such complicated software-related issues. Requiring no upgrades or data backup, and reducing the need for technical expertise in the office.

3. besides data security functions within the dental software, the right cloud service provider also adds value to practice management.

Azure stores data on redundant servers in multiple locations, which means even if one server goes down, your data, is still safe and your dental software never goes down.

Rather than relying on one IT staff member or at most the support of a single dental software company, you have arguably the best expert team to make sure your patient data is safe.


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