Buy Post Surgical Compression Bra: Its Benefits & Need

Posted by vendela gracia on March 7th, 2017

Misfortune sometimes spurs innovation!

A personal painful post-op experience of a woman and the desire to make the recovery process easier for the rest of the community that has been through breast reconstruction surgery, led to the invention of a practical and comfortable alternative: “A surgical compression bra”.

Compression Bra: When’s And Why’s

Following breast surgery, liposuction, mastectomy, reconstruction, augmentation, lift or reduction, a post surgical bra should be used for support and compression. You can expect a surgeon to recommend a compression bra that you would need to wear for at least 4-6 weeks, throughout the day while you are recovering from surgery.

The ‘support’ will decrease post-operative pain and discomfort, reduce early stress on skin closures, and help reduce dependent swelling within the breast. The ‘compression’ will help reduce swelling and enhance its resolution.

Patients can begin wearing an under wire bra after their swelling has subsided, the inframammary skin closures are healed and non-tender, and their implants have settled.

Post Surgical Compression Bra- Benefits

The primary benefit of wearing a well-fitting and supportive bra after surgery is that it will greatly lessen post-operative pain and discomfort. It reduces the movement and so sensitive tissue is protected. It also lessens stress on any incisions or wounds and helps to reduce dependent swelling within the breast.

Various compression garments and liposuction garments are designed to promote speedy recovery, allowing rapid drainage of the residual blood-tinged tumescent anesthetic solution from beneath the skin, by pushing out any of the blood-tinged anesthetic solution into the body’s blood vessels. This, in return, helps you get in shape at a faster rate and release the nonessential entities from your body.

Risks You Could Face If You Don’t Switching To A Post-Surgery Compression Bra
After a surgery, if you don’t wear a compression bra, lympahatic drainage process is slowed down, which could be severely harmful. Skipping away of fluid collection during this phase of the healing process is extremely critical for the body  and this is the primary role of a compression garment.

Where To Buy?

Buy Post surgical compression bra from a store that has an exquisite range that promotes the healing process by controlled compression on the scar tissue and relief of lymph drainage channels, while preventing pressure marks and tissue irritation by ensuring an exact individual fit and maximum skin-friendliness.You can also buy plus size shapewear online from a store that sells compression garment.

Your breasts will thank you for it!

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