Breakroom Equipment Supply - A Complete Checklist

Posted by juliamorgan2599 on March 7th, 2017

Your list of office essentials cannot be complete without breakroom supplies. After all, it is your responsibility to keep your employees and clients happy and to give them sufficient space to relax as they take their breaks from work. A couple of entertainment appliances, cutlery and plates along with other basics should be sufficient. Here is a list to make it easier for you.

1. Candles and warmers: Setting up the right ambiance plays a very important role in creating the perfect space for relaxing, eating or stress relief. So, adding beautiful candles and warmers is a good way to start making the breakroom much special.

2. Food films: This would include foils and wraps to keep leftovers safe until they can be eaten next. You could even include wax paper in your breakroom equipment supply list.

3. Napkins: A good industrial supply distributor dealing with breakroom essentials would always have napkins and napkin dispensers that are a necessary part of an office breakroom.

4. Juices and mixes: Premixes for lemonade, cocktail mixes and a variety of fruit juices should be well stocked up in the breakroom and made accessible to the employees all the time. Also, you must include coffee and tea brewing machines along with all the necessary beverage supplies to keep the brews going.

5. Raffle tickets: This could add some excitement to the breakroom as employees can look forward to engaging in a fun game.

6. Food containers: Disposable food containers and foam carry outs are extremely handy additions to the breakroom as everyone would need them every now and then.

7.Food bags: Zipper storage bags would keep any leftovers fresh and easy to carry or store. You can get a variety of these in big combo packs.

8. Tableware: Bright table covers can brighten up the breakroom very easily. If you want, you can add disposable tableware like salt and pepper shakers, little vases, etc. to coordinate with the covers and make the look of the room all the more appealing.

9. Cups, plates and bowls: These could be either disposable or reusable. Depending on your preferences, you can also look for decorative, plain, textured or colored varieties. As stated earlier, if they can be coordinated with the tableware, it would be even better.

10. Forks, knives and spoons: These are very essential elements to be kept in the breakroom. They come handy during food breaks and snack time when most people forget to carry their own cutlery.

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