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Let’s face it, no matter how well we know about the essence of the theory driving test most of us tend to ignore it. The night before the test we realize that passing the practical tests aren’t going to get us our driving licenses until we pass the theory test. And then all we do is browse up UK driving theory test papers on the internet and storm through driving theory test questions and answers. This trick might work wonders well for some but eventually in the long run it gets you killed on the road. Therefore, it is our firm advice to have a look at the following tips instead of memorizing the theory test questions and answers through the night.

Why is it so important?

Theory driving tests are important because theoretical knowledge precedes practical knowledge. You must first know what an engine is before making a car. Similarly, it is important know and understand the guidelines of the road before you venture out of the road with your car and obviously your driving license. And rest assured your driving theory test will not be that simple which is reason enough for your distress as you had put all the emphasis on your practical test which was tough enough.

Have a glance at the following tips and you would not have to search for UK driving theory test papers nightlong.

  1. Make a theory test booking: - It might sound obvious and not worthy of mention but it isn’t ignorable. You must book your theory test in one of the many test centers throughout the country. Also make sure you carry your provisional license and a debit card.
  2. Study the books: - The theory test essentially contains around 50 multiple choice questions among which you need to get 43 correct in order to pass. Pretty tough, eh? Lucky enough that DVSA has a handbook containing all the model theory MCQs. Get yourself a copy and keep plenty of time in hand for revision.
  3. Create invincible hazard spotting skills: - After the MCQ test you will have to face the hazard perception test where you have to spot or identify the potential danger of the driving hazards within the video clips presented to you. A good way to brush up your hazard identification skills you can visit Drive IQ and practice hazard perception.
  4. Revise and revise: - There is nothing more vital than revision if you want yourself to ace in a test. The questions will be random ones and you must practice well enough so that the answers stay firmly rooted in your head. Also remember to abide by the time as the test will be bound by time.
  5. Give mock tests: - Mock tests are a great way to assess your development. Take a mock test after studying the full set of question and answers and assess the results. Give a revision then again take a mock test.
  6. On the test day: - On the day of the test you must follow the instructions below to have an assuring exam.
  • Enter the exam center before time.
  • Use the extra time to get acquainted with the setup.
  • Carry your provisional license photo card.
  • Flag the unanswered and tricky questions.
  • Take a deep breath whenever you need to relax.

We know how important your theory diving test is for you and hence advise you not to just prepare by seeing theory test questions and answers available on the various websites having UK driving theory test papers . Instead try to follow the above guidelines and have a great test day.

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