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How Can Sample Paper For Class 9 and 10 Help to prepare for exams

Posted by seemasharma1 in Business on March 7th, 2017

Sample papers as the name suggests are mock papers that try and mimic the actual public exams to the full.  Nowhere is the role that sample paper for Class 10 plays in preparing students felt than in schools.  Most schools do insist on using sample papers to give a chance for the student to experience as closely as possible the real exam.  

Time pressure

One of the most acutely felt factors is the time allotted for taking an examination.  The use of sample paper for Class 9 math does bring to the fore the time management skills of most students.  If there were no time constraints, then most students would have managed to score well in most public exams.  That the time is limited is brought to most students at the first public examination in the Class 10.  

Pacing oneself is important be it in any sort of examination.  Most students having a sample paper for Class 10 gets to feel the pressures time brings to tackling the tests.  That the performance must in most instances be against a clock only increases the pressures of an examination.  

Removing the fear

The very idea of a sample paper is to bring to the student the conditions that get as close to the actual conditions prevalent in the examination.  The layout of the question paper would mimic as closely as possible as the actual question paper.  With the sample paper for Class 9 math the student would be as close to an examination atmosphere as possible.  

Even the particular question paper is laid out as would the actual question paper at the public exam.  Thus it familiarizes the student with the practices of the actual test taking day.  Most educational institutions would try and keep the event as close to the real thing as possible.  This could well be an exercise in removing the trepidations and fears of examinations that the pupils have of public exams.

A peek into the public exam

For the tutors of a particular subject, the sample papers are the true test of any student.  Most teachers would look to see that pupils that have managed to prove themselves at the model examinations.  The model examinations are a pointer to the results of the actual public examinations.  This could well be the years of efforts that have gone into shaping of the student body.  

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Seema Sharma
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