What to look for When Buying a Bean Bag Chair

Posted by Andrew kim lerry on March 7th, 2017

A bean bag chair is a huge sealed fabric bag packed with polystyrene beads or dried beans. Although it is designed to be a chair, due to its amorphous nature the product is confused with ottomans. The shape of the product can be set by the user and the type of bean used.

Bean bag chairs are one of the stylish and latest pieces of furniture that can be added to the space of your living rooms. They offer great comfort, are portable and give the room a warm look among many other advantages. When shopping for the chair, there are few qualities you need to look for to get the most amazing bean bag chair, some of them include:

Excellent Bean Bag Fillings

Polystyrene and foam are some of the materials used to fill the bags. Polystyrene is best since it is cost efficient and it withstands compression without losing its springiness. Natural materials like dried rice and legume can also act as a feeling. Regardless of choice of filling, make sure the pieces are in uniform size because different sizes cause discomfort.

The Right Size

It is always advisable to get the correct size of the chair so as to enjoy using it entirely. The adult and children size are both available.Other seats accommodate more than one person. Hence you should confirm this before you invest in the best chair that suits your needs.

The Ideal Design

With different shapes and sizes available, it's always good for one to choose the chair that one finds more comfortable. Some demanding forms may include the teardrop and body fitter shape. These forms offer unique sitting positions so as to rest all body parts. The chairs are readily available in various prints and colors, thus making you choose the ones that match your interior decor.

High-Quality Fabric

The main reasons for bean bags are all about comfort, and for such reason, it is not easy to get one a seat that is made from a material that is soft to touch. Most of the bags are made from sturdy materials. The fabric should be maintainable and easy to clean. Natural materials like cotton and leather are popular because they are breathable and strong, although some chairs are made from faux, vinyl and denim. Choose a material which is stain proof when getting bean bag chairs for children.


Color is a crucial aspect in the bean bag. The home furniture available in your home will be a critical defining point for the color of your bean bag. Choose unique colors to avoid color crushing your home decoration.

Given these qualities, bean bags have significant features which are; They are resistance to fire, has double zip to prevent bag fillings from falling out and fabric allowing cleaning by a wipe.

Bean bags chairs have several purposes and you can use it when using your laptop, watching television, relaxing, playing games, etc.

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