Unique Highlights of Ganesha Statue

Posted by craftvatika on March 8th, 2017

Revered in Hindu mythology, a Ganesha statue is believed to be auspicious to the occupants of the home where the statue is worshipped. Traditionally available in wood, stone and metal, these statues are hugely popular in the Indian subcontinent and among diaspora worldwide. Though available in many different postures, a few aspects of a Ganesh statue are significant and bear relevance. Read on to understand the highlights of Ganesha statues.

Standing posture in brass
One among the more popularly chosen postures, this posture symbolizes qualities such as possession of correct attitude and rigidity. Signified to mean that there will be no bending, it typically depicts Ganesha as standing with one feet on the floor while the other is rested firmly on a mouse, believed to be his cosmic vehicle. In this posture, the size of the belly is portrayed as large, which gives the overall appearance of a large Ganesha.

Sitting posture idol, available in stone such as marble
This is another posture popular among the religiously inclined. Depicting Ganesha as seated on a throne or sometimes on a lotus flower, this pose has portrays Ganesha as having one leg stretched resting on the floor, while the other is folded or cross legged. Rendered to show Ganesha meditating while also showing consideration on the people of the earth, this is an ideal gift that will be cherished for long.

Siddi Vinayaka posture with trunk turned towards the right
Brass figurine of Ganesha with trunk tilted towards the right in the classic siddivinayaka posture is popular among those who recognize the importance of the right tilted trunk. Believed to yield significant benefits in the shortest possible time, the trunk is considered to permit the flow of the sun’s energies. The idols is generally used for reciting prayers and the chants are as per traditions.

Significance of the rat in Ganesha statues
Most Ganesha statues feature the rat. Considered to be the cosmic vehicle, the absence of the rat renders the statue incomplete. However, there are exceptions where the rat is replaced by a peacock or at times an elephant. However, the rat is most easily and widely associated with a ganesha statue.

Look for popular postures of Ganesha statue, and depending on the décor of the home, the material can be chosen. Brass, metal or stone, though ideal in most locations can be chosen with care to greatly enhance the visual appeal and lend more charm to the statue and its surroundings.

About the Author:

This article was written by Krishna Kumar Bansal, owner of CraftVatika. CraftVatika is an online store for authentic Indian handicraft and other Indian products like clothing and jewelry. All of our products are handmade by the expert artisans from across India. We sell jewelry made up of silver and stone, marble decoration item, Indian gifts, brass statues, sculptures and other Indian handicraft.

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