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Posted by articlelink01 on March 8th, 2017

No matter how confident you are about clearing the DVSA (or Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) driving theory questions, you should remember that preparation is key when it comes to clearing such examinations. If you are already thinking about appearing for the test, you might have gone through the driving theory mock papers and realized that the test would be divided into two sections, the multiple choice test and the hazard perception test. In this article, we will divulge to you the tips needed to clear all the challenging segments that the ones who created the papers might throw at you.

First and foremost, make yourself familiar with the topics and themes which are going to be there in the multiple choice test: vulnerable road users, attitude, rules of the road, essential documents, alertness, vehicle loading, emergencies, accidents and incidents, other types of vehicle, safety margins, motorway driving, road and traffic signs, safety of your vehicle, vehicle handling and road conditions and hazard awareness. If you are appearing for the theory test for the first time, try out some of the driving theory mock papers which are available online to get a hang of how the topics would be scattered in your final theory test paper.

Though driving theory mock examinations would make you accustomed to the kind of questions that might come, there are some answers which you cannot help but learn. Here we are going to tell you some of the tried and tested methods which would help you learn the answers for the test by heart. Whenever you come across something which you need to memorize, do not jot it down just to learn it a later time. Instead, try imagining yourself in a situation related to the lesson. Think of the road signs you had seen on your way to work and associate it with what you are learning in order to understand what it really means. Know the question format in as much detail as you know the back of your hand. Try to find self-assessment questions online so that you are aware of all the essential information. When you are studying for the DVSA driving theory questions, don’t think that it would be juvenile to set targets and timelines to assess your level of progress and knowledge. Also, try to study in a calm and peaceful environment where you wouldn’t be bothered by noise. If you feel that studying on your own is not enough, don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends to surprise you by asking you the driving theory test questions throughout the day and also share their own experiences of appearing for the test and for advice on how they managed to ace it.

When you are preparing for the section of the hazard perception test, try to focus your understanding of the subject on the basis that the authorities would be trying to test whether you are able to notice and respond to hazardous situations that might arise while you are on the road. You would be shown fourteen clips from films and you have to recognize the potential hazards such as changing direction or speed that one needs to be careful about. In the multiple choice test, however, there would be fifty questions, out of which you need to get at least forty-three right in order to pass the test. There might also be case study related questions where a situation would be described and you have to answer a minimum of five questions regarding it.

Be aware of the road rules and nothing would stop you from clearing the test the first time itself.

The DVSA driving theory questions are quite straightforward. Make sure you are diligent while studying and practicing the driving theory mock papers and you should be able to ace it without difficulty.

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